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22 Best Ways to Save Money on a Small Income

Making it through on reduced earnings isn’t very easy in times when the price of whatever is climbing faster than your monthly salary. When your earnings are really reduced, it’s extremely difficult to find out ways on how to budget and save money on a small income. Even the best savers can get all his savings gone by one emergency situation, which can leave you living in an exhausting life.

However, you will still be able to make a living if you know how to budget and save money. By stick yourself to frugal living ideas budget, you will come out with creative money saving ideas. So now, read through these 22 money saving tips for living frugally and take control of your budget. You are going to live happily every day.

1. Pay Out Of Every Check

My #1 tip is to pay your bills in partial payments every time you get a paycheck. We are paid weekly and every payday I pay a quarter of my monthly bills. By the time they’re due, they’ve already been paid. Online bill pay is fantastic for this!

save money
save money

2. Locals Know Where to Eat

Ask the locals where to eat! They know the best-kept secrets of each city and often the best deals, as well. Just ask- people are happy to tell you what restaurants are their favorites!

3. Abstain From Credit Cards

The main thing that helps me save money is abstaining from owning a credit card. It may sound surprising in this day and age, but takes away the temptation from spending the cash I do not have.

4. Pay It Second

The best way to save money is to pay yourself second. Yes, I said second because the only way you are going to save any money at all is “Give 10% to God ( the service of God like church, service organization or someplace that serves people. Then you will give yourself 10%. Believe me, you will save all kinds of money.

5. Give Your Car A Check-Up

“Traveling on a road trip in your vehicle:
When going on a road trip have all the fluid levels and the tire pressure of your vehicle checked before leaving. Not having to buy the fluids at an expensive station or truck stop will save you time and money. The proper tire inflation saves gas and unnecessary wear on the tires. Many rest stops have nice picnic areas in park-like settings and you can enjoy a meal you brought with you and/or walk around to refresh your self to avoid getting sleepy.”

6. Find Ways to Travel Cheap

If I am going straight to a destination, with no stops and not concerned with time; I calculate the cheapest way to get there. Immediately search online for fares for buses, airlines, and trains. I also calculate what it would cost to drive. I also search for people wanting to sell their travel vouchers/air miles for a fraction of the cost and sometimes I travel for next to nothing. It may not be the easiest or the fastest way to travel, but I always travel on the cheap. That’s why I can travel often.

7. 1 + 1 = Shopping Fun

The best way to save money is by going shopping with a partner if possible. One to hold the coupons and one to look for the best deals. Go with a full stomach.

8. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Fund

If possible, open an account with your bank that does not allow you to withdraw from it until a certain time. Examples include a Christmas account, which is still pretty common at banks. Even better, have that money directly deposited, so there is no indecision about putting it there.

9. Say No to Spending

The best way to save money is not to spend it in the first place. When shopping goes with a list. Only buy what is on the list and realize that if you did not write it down, you did not need it. When you plan your shopping you will spend less and thus save money.

10. Learn to Earn

“Make kids earn their luxuries:
If a kid wants to have an expensive cell phone, the latest video game or a laptop, don’t buy it for him/her right away. Make him/her do extra chores, achieve better grades in school, and reward him/her for voluntary help to earn his/her way towards the gadget. This way, the kid would learn crucial earning skills and appreciate the gadget more through deferred gratification.”

11. Buy Important Items First

One way I save money is to purchase necessities. That way what’s leftover won’t be spent on things not so important.

12. Book A Whole Package

Book your vacations in a travel package! They save loads of money!!!

13. Take A Car Nap

I sleep in my car at rest areas during a long driving trip. This practice saves money while in transit so as to have it to spend at my destination.

14. Find Free Stuff To Do

To save money just don’t go out and drink alcohol every weekend. Every time I just stay home for the weekend I save so much money. There are tons of free fun things to do. Go to a friend’s place and play board games and drink their beer. 🙂

15. Carrying Cash Means Easy Spending

My best secret for raising money is to never carry cash. Always spend on your card, all that extra change you get back that winds up being forgotten to add up over the years.

16. Scooters Are The New Cars

I traded in my car for a scooter. Now it only takes me less than $5 to fill the tank and it lasts a long time.

17. Go Paperless

I have decided to go paperless. I no longer receive any bills, bank statements, store or credit card bills in the mail. Everything is done online. And I pay all bills online and didn’t print them out to save money on paper.

18. Don’t Keep Paying The Same-Ask For New Rates

I am not afraid to call my cable company to ask them to extend their current “new customer” promotions to me as well. They are usually happy to do it since it means they keep me as a customer, and in return, I have had my cable with them for ten years!

19. Forget High Interest

Paying off high interest credit cards is my big money saving priority right now. At rates much higher than CDs, paying down high interest debt is a solid guaranteed yield investment.

20. 30 Days Same As Cash

Do not spend money you don’t have. Use credit cards for convenience but then immediately pay them so it’s as if you paid cash. Don’t spend what you don’t have!

21. Keep A Record

Write down everything you spend for one month. Assemble into categories. Next month, spend a little less on each category and put the remainder in savings. Repeat each month.

22. Out Of Sight – Out Of Mind

My best way to save money is to cheat myself into thinking I don’t have much available. For that, I simply take a big part of my earnings and put them in my savings account. Not only do I only see what’s available in checking but I also earn more interest in savings.

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