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Can You Afford A Pet?

The decision to get a pet is not one that should be taken lightly, and while a pet should bring you a lot of joy and happiness there are also a large number of practical considerations to bear in mind – not least the cost.

Because much like owning a car, owning a pet has a lot of costs other than the price of the pet itself and these can quickly add up. Here we will look at some of the costs associated with owning a pet, and how you can reduce them in many cases.

The Pet

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Of course this is the first expense you need to consider, but the good news is that it’s not usually too outlandish. In most cases a pet won’t cost you that much and particularly if you avoid pedigrees. If you want to get this more cheaply still, then look into rehoming an animal from a shelter, or buying them from a friend if they’ve recently had puppies, kittens or bunnies.


Next you should look at food costs and this is something that will vary greatly depending on the animal you get. For many pets this cost will be relatively negligible if you buy in bulk (having a utility room filled with biscuits and doggy dinners is a price you pay), but if you have a large dog things can start to add up.

Other Supplies and Services

There are other supplies and services to consider too though – from grooming and kennels to hay and straw. This can all add up too, so it’s a good idea to sit down and itemise the costs to look at how much you’re likely to be paying on a regular basis. Speaking with a friend who has the same animal already is a good way to get an idea about these costs. Again you can find ways to lower these costs though – for instance if you have a friend that can dog/cat/guinea pig sit for you sometimes, or if you’re willing to try grooming your animal on your own.

Another cost to consider for dog owners is the cost of petrol if you are going to walk them regularly. For those of you with fields nearby this expense will be significantly reduced.

Vet Bills

Pets become really expensive though once they become ill, which will cost you a huge amount in medication and trips to the vet. The good news is that taking out insurance can make this a lot more affordable, but note that you will still have to pay an excess in some cases and that you won’t be covered against everything. Overall though it’s definitely worth taking out insurance to avoid the difficult situation of being unable to afford the treatment your furry friend needs.


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It’s also worth noting again here that some animals will of course be cheaper to insure, and less likely to get ill, than others. Generally smaller animals will cost less in vet bills, but you should also think about the breed you’re choosing and look into their family history.

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