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Preparing A House For A Fast Sale

Selling a house can be a big emotional wrench. Most people simply want to get it done as quickly as possible while getting the best price for their old home. With a little planning and a few simple techniques you can make your home much more saleable.

home short sale
home short sale

Here’s how to go about it.

1 – It’s not a home any more

You have to think of a house sale as a pure business transaction. The more you can disassociate your emotions from the deal the happier you will be. Get any goodbyes you feel you need to say out of the way early in the process and start thinking about your new home.

2 – Too much you

Buyers will be imagining creating their own memories in this building, so give them a blank canvas. Strip out personal photographs and heirlooms.

3 – Too much stuff

A good de-clutter probably won’t do you any harm as you prepare to move. Start your packing early and leave clean and clear surfaces that the next owners can imagine filling with their own stuff.

4 – Nosey

We’re all a bit nosey and taking a look round someone’s home is too good an opportunity to miss for most people. Bear that in mind and organise your home, it’ll make a good impression if buyers do snoop in drawers and cupboards.

5 – Store the extras

The more things you can get out of your home before sale the better. A storage unit will let you open up space and will make the house look bigger and brighter. Leave furniture that you absolutely need and which highlights the purpose of each room, but if you can take it out, then do.

6 – Is this included?

If you’re not going to leave fixtures behind, you should consider removing them before you open your home to viewers. What’s not seen can’t be coveted and you’ll avoid any nasty little disputes about a favourite light fixture you always planned to take with you.

7 – Spick and span

A little DIY goes a long way. Cosmetic damage to walls, tiles and floors should be fixed. Make sure your taps and lights all work properly and the doors open and close correctly.

8 – Colour me bad

Neutral colours on the walls enhance the blank canvas appeal of a home. It may seem a waste to be decorating a home you’re about to leave, but it could help a quick sale. Even bed linen should be clean, white and new if possible. All of these things will help sell my house quick when it comes to it.

9 – Clean, clean, clean!

Make your home sparkle. These potential buyers are among the most important visitors you’ll ever have. So don’t spare any effort in giving your house a really deep clean. Damp and musty odours are a particular turn-off to would-be buyers so air everything thoroughly.

10 – Looking good?

Put yourself in the buyer’s position and take a look at your home from the street. Then tour your house with a critical eye. Be picky and be honest – the best impression is of an empty home just waiting to be moved into.

Take your cleaning outside too – it doesn’t hurt to brush the pavement outside the house and make sure the garden’s in a decent state too.

Mark Davis is a lover of home improvement and has sold a number of homes in his time. He also enjoys getting out an about and seeing the world.

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