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The Tables are Turning

I took a call today from a Dave Ramsey listener who lives in Florida. She’s buying a second home here in Michigan. She loves the snow and the weather in the winter and never gets that in Florida. She misses it and wants to own something here in the North as a second home.

After that call, I was finishing up the approval letter and sending her my Excel spreadsheet, and it dawned on me—this is a first!

live in michigan
live in michigan

Five years ago, you couldn’t throw a bag of Dutch licorice and not hit someone in Michigan who owned or was trying to buy a home in Florida. EVERYONE wanted to have a place in Florida. Property values were headed up up up, and retiring there sounded, well, heavenly.

Now you almost never hear of it. But today I meet one lonely Floridian who just must have her piece of Pure Michigan!!

It made me think. Once every year, everyone in Michigan should send something to everyone they know who does not live in Michigan, something to encourage them to buy a home here. Maybe send a bag of Michigan cherries or some U.P. fudge or a link to this blog post. Think about it, it really makes a lot of sense . . .

We are in the bottom ten States in almost every statistic that could promise higher home values (Jobs, taxes, right to work, you name it). Which means we’re also in the top ten (likely the top one or two) for affordability in every category, from being in a neighborhood near your favorite campus to living it up on a lakeside property.

We are one of the few states that enjoy all four seasons, and we can often enjoy all four of them in the same week. No where else! No Kidding.

Your friends and family who live out west or down south always comment when they come here how green everything is. You cannot find another state in the North more beautiful than this one. To prove it, a little town south of Traverse City called Honor was just voted the most beautiful place in the country! You need to go there. Truthfully, most of Michigan is just like it.

Don’t get me started about Golf. Sure, you can only really golf here 6 or 7 months out of the year (even though I have friends who pride themselves in having played somewhere in Michigan all 12 months for the past few years). But the choices here are vast and varied, and the views are breathtaking. For those who don’t like to golf in the winter, head north and ski instead. We know it’s not Colorado, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still beautiful and a lot of fun.

The UP. I’ll stop with the Upper Peninsula. You need to go. Last year my whole family camped in a state campground about 90 minutes north of the bridge and then walked the bridge on Labor Day. My big fat Dutch family (60 plus of us) all walked the bridge and enjoyed the fresh air. It blows my mind when I hear about folks who live in Michigan but have never been to the UP. Tom Izzo, you’re from there – can I get an Amen on that?

We sometimes forget what we have because we live here. I would love to welcome southerners and others to enjoy our state as a second home location. Wouldn’t you? Encourage those you know to come for a visit and consider making an investment in the least expensive place they will ever love – all year round.

Warren Paine

Warren is the senior mortgage loan officer who has worked in mortgages and loan industry since 1995. He study in Harvard and major in Finance with a Bsc. Honor Degree. He possesses a Paralegal Certificate as well.

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