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What Can You Learn From This Costco Auto Insurance Review

Choosing for an auto insurance package nowadays is one that needs meticulous researching. Since it could involve a big amount of money, we need to know the benefits that we’ll receive once we avail of the package.

A good insurance package should be able to present its advantages to the beneficiary and shouldn’t be all about promises only. And one of the most popular types of insurance that are sought after by a lot of people is auto insurance.

Actually, when you buy a new car, getting an auto insurance package is always considered a smart choice. You’ll never know when accidents happen and even the forces of nature like storms and hurricanes are considered your enemy when they become threats to your newly bought car.

And among the many companies that offer auto insurance packages, many people will agree that Costco auto insurance offers one of the best services there is.

costco auto insurance
costco auto insurance

A Brief Background on Costco

In the US, Costco is considered one of the largest membership warehouse-style store chains that have locations in almost every state. From starting as a single store in Seattle, it now has locations in seven countries: Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Their retail stores offer a number of products like electronics, household goods, and foods, and even went far by venturing on services like car buying, flooring, gutter protection, garage doors, bank accounts, as well as home and car insurance. Among their many services, Costco auto insurance is considered one of the most popular.

Benefits Included in The Policies of Costco Auto Insurance

Costco auto insurance is not just about promises. In fact, by getting one, you can get exclusive discounts for just being a member of their retail store. Many who have got their auto insurance boast that they were able to save hundreds of dollars.

Another good benefit of getting this package is that you’ll get a personalized service that will be based on your unique needs. Not only does this insurance package help you save a lot of money, but it also includes good customer care.

Another thing that included in the Costco auto insurance package is the chance to get comprehensive coverage options and also the benefit of having repairs for your car on any licensed facility of your choice.

They also include discounts for having multiple policies, insuring multiple vehicles, and also a discount for safe driving. And what’s best, the company guarantees responsive claims service that you can experience or avail any time of day and any day of the week. This is one 24/7 service that you wouldn’t want to miss.

At Costco, their auto policies include lifetime renewability and 24-hour roadside assistance. Because they truly value their customers, this retailer store ensures that they not only help their members and customers alike to save money but also entitles them to good customer care.

They provide guarantees and not just empty promises. With this perfect combination, I guess you wouldn’t even want to look at any other auto insurance policy.

Why People Switch to Costco Car insurance

Buying a car alone is not enough. You need to get insurance for it so that you are assured that during accidents, you know that you have someone to rely on.

However, there are car insurance companies that ask for big premiums and include other hidden charges which can be a huge lump to your income. Good thing for having Costco is, it’s not only your one stop shop for appliances, furniture, food, and goods but also the ideal car insurance provider for their members.

As of today, more and more members are going for Costco car insurance because it is one of the best deals that they can have. Due to the Ameriprise Auto and Home Insurance, members from Costco have the best combination in both car and house insurance where they are able to save a lot of money. With your Costco car insurance policy, you can benefit from:

  • Membership discounts in Costco warehouses.
  • Special discounts for safe driving and discounts on multiple policies.
  • For exclusive members, they are able to get 24-hour assistance for roadside problems and this can be renewed for their lifetime.
  • Clients can choose their own facility to where they want their cars to be repaired.
  • Claims services are available every day for the rest of the week.

There are also other options available that can be added to your car insurance to ensure optimum safety of your cars and your house. One of which is the Specialty Insurance.

If you are fond of collecting antique vehicles, watercraft like a yacht, Jet Ski, speed boat and other watercraft; motorcycles; and even recreational vehicles, you should consider having the Specialty Insurance to ensure that these are well protected.

Another Insurance option is Umbrella Insurance. Through this, when the damage of your car or your house exceeds the liability limit that is shouldered by the insurance company, the umbrella insurance helps you to avoid paying the excess damage.

This means even if you are above the limit, you will not shell out any money to pay the service repair shop or the other party in cases of accidents.

Although Ameriprise is not as big as the other insurance companies, but when come to claims, insurance policy offers, quick claims processing and other services offered by the company are fast and reliable.

Some may be skeptical with the Costco car insurance policy but their prices are far more affordable than the others. And if you want to have a quote, the Costco car insurance has an online quote so you will know the possible charges for your car’s insurance.

You just need to enter the essential information like your name, address, birth date, and the city you are in and your state and zip code. This will help you compare the prices of Costco car insurance with other insurance companies.

But you should also remember that insurance policies also vary according to the driver’s record, where they live and the type of car they are driving. The pricier the car is, the cost of the insurance policy will also be costly.

Costco vs Geico

For Geico, most people choose the company because it offers cheaper rates compare to other insurers. Your deductibles may gradually decline to ZERO for both collision and comprehensive. Besides, some people also think that the online payment system is making their life easy.

You may learn more about Geico Insurance.

However, Costco did stand for some strong point where many people love the company due to its extraordinary customer service oriented as well as their invaluable reputation in the insurance field.

Here is the short comparison between these two companies:



  • Lower insurance premiums compare to other companies.
  • Provide insurers with different types of services.


  • Claims processing need improvement.
  • Inconsiderate rate adjustment.



  • A reputable brand owned by billionaire Warren Buffett.
  • You can get excellent coverage at a very low cost.
  • Friendly and very helpful customer service.
  • Sign-up for insurance coverage is very easy.


  • Dubious rate increases and policies adjustment without clarification.
  • Improvement is needed to repair materials and facilities.

Take a look at Progressive vs Geico.

costco auto login
costco auto login

If you are interested in getting a quote for Costco auto insurance, you may call this Toll Free Contact Number:

You can also visit the URL below and signup for an account for you to login to check for various services that available:

Costco Auto Signup and Login

Other than auto insurance, Costco also provides mortgage loans as well. You can take a look at:
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