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Buying A Mercedes For Pennies On The Dollar

While the temptation may lean against the doorbell of life, opportunity gently knocks.  While you are waiting for a paycheck to scoop up an opportunity, the opportunity may just amble away.

mercedes benz

Would you walk away?

Let’s say you stumble across a well-groomed man who, unbeknownst to you, is in the middle of a nasty divorce.  Sitting across from you in a coffee shop, he’s on the phone with his almost ex-wife telling her just how to hurt he is that she has been less than…shall we say…loyal.  As his tension and voice climb, he changes in tone from hurt to shock, to anger, then:  RAGE.

Your coffee jumps out of your cup and you flinch as he slams his cell phone on the table and says loudly, “Fine! Then I’ll just get rid of it and she won’t get to drive it anymore with him!  I’ll sell it for pennies on the dollar!  Boy, won’t she be surprised!”

Whereas you were only an annoyed eavesdropper minutes before, now you’re outright nosey and terribly interested in this vehicle marriage wrecker.

Just as you are wondering what year the “it” is, he leans over and says, “Say, do you want a year old Mercedes?  I’m sick and tired of this woman’s games – if you want it, it’s yours – cheap!  But only today, because tomorrow I leave for Boston.  I need cash now!”  You stare at him.  “Well, are you interested or not?!”

Red Beauty on Wheels

Having just spent the last of your disposable income that morning, you actually are at the coffee shop wondering how you’ll make it to payday.  Now, this!  Maybe he’s joking, but after he takes you outside to see this black beauty on wheels and makes you a ridiculous offer, you begin to believe this could be your lucky day.  If only you had cash.

Crisis Averted

Somewhere you’ve read about these types of loans – quick, easy, non-secured instant loans that seemed quite ridiculous even yesterday, but now, not so much.  Suddenly you’re on your phone doing an Internet search for an instant loan.  There’s one.

Fast is Best

Your paradigm shift of just a few minutes ago brings you to a new quest – one that includes speed and ease of getting the cash you need right now to help this man with his marriage blues.  His disaster with this relationship is your gain – but only if you can quickly and discreetly obtain cash.  That’s all he’s willing to take.

Short Term

You know with being a parent of twin three-year-olds, you won’t get to actually keep the dream car, but within a couple of weeks, you can sell it and make enough to pay off all your debts.  Now your palms are sweating.  A short term instant loan suddenly is all you want in life today.  But will they give you cash and give it to you today?

Crisis Rescue

As you walk into the office and approach the young woman at the front desk, she looks up, smiles, and says, ‘Let me guess, you can buy an expensive Mercedes for a song and you need cash!”  Stunned, you stare at her and realize she really said, “Welcome, may I help you?”  You really need to calm down.  After filling out quick paperwork, within a few minutes, then transfer to your account is finished.  You’ve done it!  Now to snag that deal before he changes his mind.

Better Luck

Walking out of your bank with an envelope of cash, you hand it over to a Boston-bound man.  He hands you the car papers, looks over his shoulder at your prize, then to you and says, “Be kind to her, she was our dream car and now she’s yours.  I hope you have better luck than I did!”  With that, he turns and walks off.

Does this kind of thing happen?  Yes, opportunity does show up in many forms and when it does, you will be able to answer the door with a fast and steady hand knowing you have access to resources beyond what’s in your bank account.  An instant loan may help to change your future for the better!

Not missing opportunities is something Sarah Fox, a freelance writer, takes seriously.  She suggests that if you are offered an opportunity that you simply cannot pass up on but you don’t have the cash; then why not consider applying for instant loans.

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