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Seven Steps to Sell Your House

selling house

With the housing market in the doldrums and the economy still teetering on a precipice, there has probably never been a harder time selling a house for a healthy profit. That’s why if you are in the process of selling your own home you need to put in even more work than you would normally … Read more

Introducing Making Homes Affordable Programs

home for sale

Addressing the problems that arose from the housing bubble’s burst, President Obama implemented his Making Homes Affordable strategy under the Housing and Urban Development sector of the government. The goal of MHA is to assist homeowners with bloated mortgages from facing foreclosure and a strained living through various means. MHA is broken down into different … Read more

So, You Want to Buy a House?

buying home

Shopping for a mortgage package is not that easy without understanding the process to apply and get approved for a mortgage loan and your right to fair lending. Anyone who applies for a mortgage loan may not qualify for several reasons that do not match credit standards that rule some lenders. However, a strict criterion … Read more