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How To Avoid Credit Card Fraud

credit card fraud

Identity theft is a serious crime that can affect someone‚Äôs life forever, if not caught in time. The thieves steal your personal information including your social security number, phone number, address, and financial account information. With this information, they either use existing accounts or start new ones. They typically take this credit information to buy … Read more

Congress Tilts Scales Back Toward Credit Card Holders

credit card holder

When it comes to disputes between credit card issuers and cardholders, it traditionally was the companies holding all the cards–so to speak. For years these companies exerted great power over consumers, charging high fees and employing a host of tricks to squeeze every extra penny they could. Help From Congress Then in the late 2000s … Read more

Guide to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

credit card debt

Credit card debt can be the pit of despair in the lives of many already struggling to make ends meet. Developing a plan to pay off the finance sucking balances can be a challenge, but it will open up a new world that has a foundation in freedom. Many people find that they are in … Read more