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Students Find Unorthodox School Funding

college funding

Competing in high-powered graduate and professional schools, students invest at least 80 hours per week in study and preparation. They have little time and even less energy left over for earning a living. Although most graduate students receive fellowships or scholarships, hard times and shrinking budgets have forced many cash-poor but genius-rich post-baccalaureate students to … Read more

What is the Right Type of Loan For You?

secured loan vs unsecured loan

There are some important issues to consider when looking into a loan. Chief amongst these issues is whether or not a secured or unsecured loan is best for the kind of borrowing that you want to make, as well as whether you are eligible for either. Other issues include whether or not it is worth … Read more

How to Protect Asset from Risk of Cognitive Decline

asset protection

According to a flourishing research body, there is a certain age to which makes a sound financial decision is possible. Once the age exceeds that limit the decision-making power declines sharply. The studies suggest that more than half of the people in their 80s suffer from cognitive decline or dementia, which affects management skills and … Read more