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Bad Credit Mortgage Foreclosures Prevention

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Even though home foreclosures tend to be more unlikely to become a serious issue in predominant real estate markets, as soon as prices in recent bubble markets go stale or even sink, home foreclosures will follow very quickly. This can be a severe problem given current movements in home loan financing which have prolonged credit … Read more

Home Affordable Programs Help Avoid Foreclosures


The economic downturn and loss of jobs have resulted in millions of people getting to the point of losing their homes. This has happened because during good times, home loans were made easily available to all people. With the homes mortgaged to lenders, the borrowers had to pay monthly installments for a fixed period, after … Read more

How to Choose the Right Foreclosed Homes

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What Is Home Foreclosure? With the economy tanking and going nowhere, the housing market is not terribly great. Because of the bad economy, you hear a lot more about home foreclosures in the news, on television, and even on the radio. Given the surge of subprime lending and house flipping, home foreclosure is, of course, … Read more

Using Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Be Used to Stop a Home Foreclosure and Get Those Payments Up to Date The housing bubble has burst a few years back. Many people with unfavorable mortgage terms are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with payments. Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMS), a huge number of which were … Read more