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Top 5 Billionaires Who Are Living A Frugal Life

We all have dreams from childhood to adulthood where some people dream of becoming an astronaut, while some people dream of becoming the world’s top director, etc. Among these dreams, I believe there is one dream that everyone would wish to come true, that is to become a billionaire. Billionaires often mean possessing limited edition … Read more

Nine of the Most Expensive Bails


When someone is accused of a crime and a trial is set to take place, the accused will usually have a bond set. The defendant must then pay the bond to be able to leave jail and go home until the trial is set. In most average cases, bail is usually set at $10,000 or … Read more

Preparing A House For A Fast Sale

house for fast sale

Selling a house can be a big emotional wrench. Most people simply want to get it done as quickly as possible while getting the best price for their old home. With a little planning and a few simple techniques, you can make your home much more saleable. Here’s how to go about it 1 – … Read more

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Employee Benefits

Maslows hierarchy

At many companies, salaried employees receive a variety of benefits such as health insurance, sick days, and 401k matching. While these are available to lots of people, many tend to not use them. Often it’s because they simply don’t know the benefits available; others don’t use them because they feel that using sick days is … Read more