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Managing the Risks of Overseas Transactions


You own an international business. You love it because you’re not constrained by national boundaries. There’s just one problem. You don’t know enough about international exchange rates to manage transactions yourself, and you don’t have the software in-house to make it work. You need to hire an outside payment processor. Before you do, you need … Read more

Financial Crisis – Dynamics and Causes

financial crisis

The financial crisis is something that the world has now become used to. The most recent financial crisis happened 4 years back in 2008 when a lot of big financial institutions went under the rubble and the whole world was devastated to the extent of losing major investments and personal savings. The effect was so … Read more

The Fiscal Cliff. What, Where, Why?

fiscal cliff ahead

The fiscal cliff. Three little words we are sure you have become rather sick of, of late. But what does this simple trio of words mean? What are the effects of these four simple syllables and what, frankly, is the big deal? We are sure you have been pondering these questions lately. After all, the … Read more

Fun Facts About the U.S. Treasury

US Treasury Logo

The United States Treasury is responsible for the circulation of currency. Their job is important in the fact that they keep updated paper and coin money moving through the economy. They monitor the quality and durability of paper bills and reprint them or destroy them as necessary. The treasury is a government-run agency. People who … Read more