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Insurance Fraud Jobs, Training, Detection, and Investigation

insurance fraud detection

Different Insurance Fraud Detection Techniques Eliminating insurance fraud is likely never going to happen. Criminals are coming up with new techniques to cheat insurance companies out of money all the time. As one method of insurance fraud is detected, they graduate to more sophisticated ideas. Almost every insurance company has insurance fraud detection specialists who … Read more

Travel Insurance – Do You Really Need It?

travel insurance

Travel insurance when defined simply, means securing your luggage, health and overall safety at a trip. This includes everything, right from lost luggage to reimbursements for any illnesses. Several different policies cover different aspects, to ensure that one travels tension free for their annual vacation or a business trip. Some policies also offer money back … Read more

The Comprehensive Guide To RV Or Caravan Insurance

RV car

As many consumers tighten their belts, caravan holidays are becoming increasingly popular within the UK with both the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club reporting huge percentage leaps in the numbers of people taking caravan trips over the past few years. With well over half a million caravan owners in the UK, it … Read more

What Can You Learn From This Costco Auto Insurance Review

costco auto login

Choosing for an auto insurance package nowadays is one that needs meticulous researching. Since it could involve a big amount of money, we need to know the benefits that we’ll receive once we avail of the package. A good insurance package should be able to present its advantages to the beneficiary and shouldn’t be all … Read more

Little Known Facts About GEICO Insurance Company


What Could Ice Cream and Car Insurance Possibly Have in Common? My friend Jen said she refused to call an insurance company that had a gecko for its spokes- um, lizard. When GEICO insurance company came up with the cavemen ads, she still wasn’t impressed. Jen thinks the commercials are “cheesy”. And, only a “rinky … Read more