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Insurance Fraud Jobs, Training, Detection, and Investigation

insurance fraud detection

Different Insurance Fraud Detection Techniques Eliminating insurance fraud is likely never going to happen. Criminals are coming up with new techniques to cheat insurance companies out of money all the time. As one method of insurance fraud is detected, they graduate to more sophisticated ideas. Almost every insurance company has insurance fraud detection specialists who … Read more

Various Types of Insurance Frauds You Should Aware Of

insurance fraud

What Is Insurance Fraud? Although most people who file a claim for insurance are doing so because of a genuine issue, many are not. Insurance fraud is an expensive and never-ending problem that costs not only the insurance companies more and more money each year but also the individuals purchasing insurance. One of the reasons … Read more

What You Need to Know About Umbrella Insurance

umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is an insurance policy that provides an extra layer of liability coverage when you need it. Homeowners seek such coverage to handle significant claims and to thwart lawsuits. Your homeowner’s insurance can only go so far, while an umbrella policy offers added coverage. Since coverage only takes effect after the limits of the … Read more