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Novice Trading Errors That Can Cause Significant Losses

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A majority of all concerned novice traders are inexperienced and full of vigor. This is one of the reasons behind committing possible mistakes. There are several instances where silly mistakes on the part of the traders have resulted in career-ending whoppers. There are different types of miscalculations and trading errors that can result in a … Read more

M&W Patterns Free Indicator MT4

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I would like to talk about M&W Patterns (old fashioned Patterns) that are constantly drawn on the Forex market. It happens on a regular basis on a low time frame like (M30 & H1). Patterns on higher TF are more reliable but it doesn’t happen that much (H4 & D1). M&W Patterns are repetitive structure … Read more

Foreign Exchange and International Financial Markets

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An International financial market is a place where MNC’s and international investors operate. The Foreign Exchange market is a subset of the international financial market where exchange rates are determined and the rate of exposure is managed. Additionally, business foreign exchange services and movements of capital are accommodated through this market. Most countries in the … Read more

Tips on Investing and Generate More Income

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Times are tough, there’s no denying it, but that’s no reason to let your money stagnate while you wait for the climate to improve. Whether you’d like to generate an income in order to supplement your salary or to see you through retirement there are a number of steps that you can take in order … Read more