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Value Investing Preached By Warren Buffett

warren buffett return of money

Warren Buffett, in a public media interview, openly stated that making money in the stock market is actually super simple; it’s just that 90% of investors haven’t found the right approach. Read How Buffett Explain In the beginning, I too went in the wrong direction, but once I learned this truth, making money became simple. … Read more

Differences Between Gambling, Investing And Speculating

investing gambling speculating

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between gambling, investing, and speculating? Many people use these terms interchangeably when talking about investing their money, but there are important distinctions between each of them. Knowing the differences can help you make more informed decisions about how to manage your money. Gambling, investing, and speculating all … Read more

M&W Patterns Free Indicator MT4

MW Tetris

I would like to talk about M&W Patterns (old fashioned Patterns) that are constantly drawn on the Forex market. It happens on a regular basis on a low time frame like (M30 & H1). Patterns on higher TF are more reliable but it doesn’t happen that much (H4 & D1). M&W Patterns are repetitive structure … Read more

Foreign Exchange and International Financial Markets

foreign exchange

An International financial market is a place where MNC’s and international investors operate. The Foreign Exchange market is a subset of the international financial market where exchange rates are determined and the rate of exposure is managed. Additionally, business foreign exchange services and movements of capital are accommodated through this market. Most countries in the … Read more