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Churchill Mortgage Reviews – Pros and Cons

About Churchill Mortgage Corporation

When talking about Churchill Mortgage Corporation, firstly we need to know about its background. The company is based in Los Angeles and is one of the leading privately owned business-oriented mortgage lenders in the United States.

Established in 1992, Churchill Mortgage is a well known and economically famous lender in the home finance loan business. The company offering conventional, VA(Veterans Administration) and FHA(Federal Housing Administration) home mortgages over 25 states.

However, it is not just a residential loan company but is also income home mortgages for customers via the network institutions of Churchill.

Churchill Mortgage reviews

Churchill Mortgage Reviews

However, like all mortgage institutions, Churchill Mortgage Corporation also having its positive and negative points. In order to assist consumers to know more and discern themselves from the flood of mortgage loan providers on the market, we would need to learn how to differentiate the good and bad of this company as well. Thus, at the moment, let’s study the pros and cons of this lender.


Many consumers are actually happy with the services offered by the company. There is one of my friends said he felt as if he was talking to a friend when dealing with the Churchill personnel as he claimed that most of the agents are very helpful and friendly.

Most of the agents are able to express everything crystal clear, reply promptly and work out very efficiently. Most consumers just didn’t feel any stress during the process of mortgage application as they feel the agents are a very polite gentleman on the telephone and are rather sympathetic when they call.

Many people said that the company seldom had problems with their submitted documents gone missing or not reach to the appropriate departments. This is one of the strong points of this lender as most of the consumers claimed.

Besides, many of them also think that Churchill Mortgage agents are capable of addressing all the questions and insecurities that they have.

Some people saying they are generally having very little trust in mortgage companies or banks, but when they started to deal with Churchill Mortgage they are having full confidence with the lender that genuinely looks after for their best interest.


Some people are not really satisfied with the customer service of Churchill Mortgage and they just think this section has required some improvement. There is one consumer who claimed that he ever experience waiting for more than 30 minutes at one of the branches and he just thinks that he has completely isolated by them.

There are also some people complaints on the agents didn’t answer their phone call and they end up hanging up the phone after waiting for a long time.

Some are complaining that the company seems only interested in lure in new customers by putting lesser care on their existing customers as most of them are facing frustrating excuses like they are busy on that day without making any apology.

Some of the customers also said that they are getting cheap quotes from this lender to hook them in but the thing will turn bad later on and put them at peril.

Will Churchill Mortgage Corporation Keep on Growing in the Future?

Lately, Cornerstone Home Loans is introducing the recent contracts signing for their second year as the favored mortgage company for Churchill Mortgage in Michigan. Through the relationship with Churchill Mortgage Corporation, their commitment to helping the customers in Michigan will keep on.

Churchill Mortgage was named as “Second Fastest-Growing Company” by Nashville Business Journal not long ago. It is a reliable company for financial services by taking on its accountability to offer the best services to its customers and community.

The philosophy of Churchill Mortgage toward working with consumers is based on building a consultative and strong financial relationship that makes certain that consumers are put in the proper home mortgage according to their personal financial situation.

Hopefully, this short Churchill mortgage review can shed some light for you if you are looking for a mortgage at the moment. This mortgage may be the right one that you would want to apply if you think the pros are to overcome its cons. If you think this is rather inappropriate, you can always look for other mortgage providers and pick the one that best suits your needs.


Churchill believes one size may not fit all. Therefore, they did come out with the flexible rates for different applicants. You may refer to the link to learn more:
Churchill mortgage rates explained

The mortgage provider did provide applicants with different mortgage calculators to assist them to do the necessary calculation prior for them to get the loan. You can get the loan, refinance, payment, APR and many more calculators from their site:
Churchill Mortgage Calculator

There are some complaints from customers to the provider, you can learn more from here:

Other than Churchhill mortgage, you may also interested in learning the Cenlar mortgage.

2 thoughts on “Churchill Mortgage Reviews – Pros and Cons”

  1. At first I thought Churchill mortgage was the sole mortgage endorse company by Dave Ramsey but seem like the truth is not. I had been very disappointed with their customer support. It seem like nobody were willing to take up the phone from their clients. Even when I decided to take a ride to reach their company, it appeared to be like nobody was working in there. Those people are rather ineffective with regards to explain all the things that seem like reading from the paper. I would wish I will not step in to their office the second time.

  2. I am at the opposite. I had a rather good experience in dealing with the Churchhill mortgage personnel. I would said most of the staffs over there are well trained and professionally answering my calls every time I contacting them. Besides, they always fast in replying my email. Always receive their emails in couple of hours and the longest is just 1 day. Thus, I for sure will go to them again in future if I need another mortgage and I would recommend the company to my friends as well.

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