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Easy Ways To Make Extra Money On The Side

In today’s tough economy, it’s common to find people who struggle to support themselves while working full-time jobs. Sometimes, people need to make some extra cash to cover unexpected expenses, but they often have other responsibilities that prevent them from getting a second job. If you need some quick cash, there are a couple of easy things that you can do to make money quickly.

make extra money

There are countless pyramid schemes and other less than honorable businesses on the internet today claiming to be capable of helping you make big bucks from home doing next to nothing.

Needless to say, most of us have not and will not fall for these scams, but they exist nonetheless, surviving on the compliance of those unable to discern the falsehood of their promises, and those motivated by the all too common desire to be more financially stable.

Whether you just need extra cash short term, or you find yourself in a more pressing situation, like skimping on necessities to pay the bills, there are tons of fairly simple and legitimate options to make more money in your spare time.

Trade-In Electronics

If you have old electronic equipment, you might be able to trade it in for some money. Usually, old electronics don’t go for that much, but sometimes you might get lucky. People will often buy even broken electronics so they can fix them up themselves to use or sell. Either way, you’ll still make some quick cash off of the transaction.

Open A Bank Account

Banks try to lure in new customers using a variety of methods. Most banks give their new customers a nice bonus when they sign up for a new bank account. Go online and find out if any banks near you are giving out cash bonuses for new accounts.

When you find a good bonus, deposit the minimum needed to get it. Most banks have requirements before releasing the bonus, but it’s still an easy way to earn some free cash. You can also use the account to save your money and earn some extra interest.

Take Stock of Unwanted Possessions

Selling items on Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay is a quick go-to for many people looking to pocket some quick extra cash. Double-check to make sure you cannot return unwanted items that still have the tag or receipt before turning to the online market, however- there are probably a few things you can still get the face value for by returning them to the store.

Turning to the shed or garage to look for metal objects for scrap money is always a quick and easy option, as is opting to sell your old gold jewelry for cash. The price of gold reached an all-time high for many years and is foreseeable to reach another peak shortly.

Check your local jewelers and pawnshops to compare prices. Most people prefer this option to sell online, as it ensures they will receive their money on the spot, without waiting for the payment to come through or sending their valuable gold through the mail.

Sell Old Items

eBay and Craigslist are great places to get rid of old items that you don’t use anymore. When you use an online listing site, you don’t have to market your items. The sites get so much traffic that someone is bound to be looking for what you are selling.

This is a great place to sell electronics and antiques. For other items, like jewelry, you can find pawn shops that will buy gold in Vienna, VA. You can get a great deal for your old jewelry by going to a pawn shop.

Sell Baked Goods

If you know how to cook, try to sell your goods to local businesses. Home-baked goods are perfect for business functions like fundraisers and special events. When you convince a business to say yes, you’ll probably get some referrals. Eventually, you’ll have a steady stream of income coming in on the side.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are paid to evaluate businesses from a customer’s perspective. When you sign up with a mystery shopper service, you are paid to help companies with their quality control. You need to follow instructions carefully, but you get paid to shop and dine at popular venues.

Offer up Your Free Time

Many families rely on the expensive assistance of certain services like pet boarding or child care. If you find yourself with a large block of free time, seek out people in your life who trust you and could benefit from having you babysit, clean their house, walk the dogs, etc.

These tasks are relatively simple, and while they might not offer a steady supply of extra money, your friend or family member will undoubtedly appreciate the extra help. You are offering them the chance to pay a fraction of what they shell out to a daycare center or professional cleaning service, and hopefully, they will compensate you accordingly.

Make Your Car Work for You

You probably already have many possessions or privileges that you can quickly monetize, but before needing the extra cash, you were blind to the possibilities. One creative example is renting out your parking space.

Reliable parking, especially in cities, is a hot commodity that can earn you hundreds of dollars a month. The only effort you will have to put forth is looking for your own spot. You can also receive nearly $1000 a month to advertise on your car.

Companies are always searching for individuals willing to offer their vehicles up to act as moving billboards, and while you might not have the best looking car in the parking lot at work, you will be reaping extra monetary benefits simply by driving to the places you already go every day.

If you are creative and persistent, you can make a lot of money on the side. Many people have a lot of success when they think outside of the box. If you put your mind to it, you can make considerable amounts of money in your spare time.

Need Quick Cash? 4 Items You Are Ready to Sell

If you are trying to make a little extra money, then you might want to start by taking a good look around your house. You may have several items around the property that could stand to go, and you can make money in the process. Here are a few things you can sell fast to put extra cash in your pocket and make your house a little cleaner.

Baby Supplies

People know that babies grow fast, and they are willing to save by buying supplies second-hand. You can see anything from cribs and high chairs to clothes and blankets through online groups or garage sales. Price them at half their original value for a fast sale and to clean out the house.

In addition to baby supplies, you can also move playground equipment the kids aren’t using, bikes that are still in good shape, and larger toys that are sitting idle. Don’t forget to sell off clothes that are outgrown, and you can even resell bedding and themed decorations that your kids have outgrown.

VHS Tapes

It may stun you to learn that people are still buying VHS tapes. Movies that are no longer available or haven’t come out on DVD yet are in particularly high demand. List them with online auction sites or Craigslist to move those movies and get some cash. Other electronics you can see fast for good money include video games, game consoles, cell phones, cameras, and other gadgets.

Scrap Metal

Old bikes, leftover copper from renovations, and even appliances can be sold to Aluminum Scrap New Orleans. It doesn’t take long to load them up and visit the scrapyard, and you can walk away with a health check.

You don’t even have to have the scrap metal laying around your property. Take a walk in the woods and pick up cans. Ask friends who are doing renovations what they are doing with scrap metal. Every little ounce starts to add up and it all leads to a larger check for you.

China Pieces

Do you have old china that you don’t use or enjoy anymore? Contact replacements to see if the pattern is in demand. Once you know what it’s worth, you can sell that old china on eBay or another auction site for a high price. You can also sell other collectibles that you have grown tired of.

The greatest part of selling off these items is that you will clean your house in the process. You will have more space to enjoy, and you can take your earnings and buy something you really want. It doesn’t take long to pinpoint these items and start letting them go, and you can drastically increase your savings by making the effort to sell them.

How To Keep Earning Money When You Can’t Get To Work

Being seriously ill or developing some form of disability is something that affects much more than just your physical health. While this is principally what will be impacted, the knock-on effects throughout the rest of your life are also going to be profound. Not only will you find yourself less mobile and less comfortable a lot of the time, but you will also find that this affects your mood, affects the way others see you, and affects your ability to care for yourself and others.

earning money

When you lose your physical health, you lose a big part of your identity, your autonomy, and your sense of self-worth and purpose and this can be almost as devastating as the physical impacts themselves.

What’s worse is that you might also find yourself unable to work as a result and forced to stay at home and let others care for you. Seeing as how much of our sense of purpose and self-worth is tied up in our ability to provide for ourselves and our family, and so much of our identity comes from our career, this can compound any existing identity issues that come when you lose your health.

Fortunately, though there are ways around this problem and ways that you can carry on earning money even when you have lost some of your mobility and wellbeing. Here we will look at some of those methods and at how you can retain your autonomy, freedom, and value even if you lose the ability to do a lot of other physical things.

Other Sources of Income

In terms of sustaining yourself financially, there are a lot of options open to those who are disabled and a lot of places that you can find support and help. There are many government schemes and disability pensions for instance, as well as charities that can provide you with grants and money to help you get by. This way you will be able to focus on improving your health and looking after yourself, and this in turn will ensure that you aren’t a financial burden on your family and that you don’t feel in any way helpless. This can even help you to be less of a burden practically on your family as it will help you to get the care and the equipment you need to look after yourself.


These methods will help to prevent you from being a burden on those around you, but some of them still mean taking charity or using money provided by taxpayers which some people have issues with. Of course, you shouldn’t have issues with this: after all, that’s what that money is there for and you have been paying into the system up until this point – as long as you’re being fair it is your entitlement to use it.

Still though, if you want to use money that you’ve ‘earned’ then insurance is a good way to go. By taking out health, income, or disability insurance you will protect yourself against situations like these and will then be able to claim the money back when you need it most. You took this precaution and so that money is entirely yours.


And just because you’re disabled that doesn’t always mean that you won’t be able to work. If you are very ill and in a lot of pain, then it may be difficult, but if it’s only your mobility that has been affected then there are many options still open to you.

For instance, why not consider working online? There are many ways you can work online whether you want to proofread, write, design websites, code, or do online marketing and all of these things require only that you can move your hands and read a computer (and there are many disability options even if you can’t).

Alternatively, if you want to go the more traditional route then you may be able to find employed work you can do even without full mobility: whether that means watching a security camera or being a consultant. You could even set up your own business and you might find that you even end up earning more money thanks to the time you have free to dedicate to your entrepreneurial pursuit. Disability is an ending, but in many ways, it can also be a beginning…

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