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Essential Security Measurements to Protect Your Home Investment

It takes a crafty burglar less than a minute to break into an unsecured home. This means that every homeowner must take the necessary steps to safeguard their property. Here are five inexpensive security measures for your home.

Install Additional Lights

Research shows that a well-lit home is far less likely to be targeted by criminals. If you do not want to experience a spike in your electrical bill, consider installing a motion-activated lighting system. In the event that you plan to be away from home for a few days, you can also program a lighting timer to automatically turn on the interior lights at certain times during the night.

Avoid Planting Dense Hedges

While planting trees around the lawn can definitely enhance the curb appeal of your property, it can also increase the chances of you being the victim of a home invasion. Burglars can use the dense shrubbery as a potential hiding place. If you do decide to accentuate your yard with a few trees, remember to keep them trimmed back accordingly.

Door Reinforcement Plate

A door reinforcement plate is designed to enhance the structural integrity of your doors. If an aggressive home intruder tries to knock down the door, the reinforcement plate will be able to add an additional layer of protection. While reinforcement plates vary in cost, a high-quality model can easily be purchased for less than $30.

Install an Alarm System

Contrary to popular belief, modern alarm systems are actually quite affordable. Not only will a good alarm system offer around-the-clock surveillance, but it can also be integrated with the home’s smoke detectors. Whether you are sound asleep in the bed or traveling on a business trip, your Astro Guard Alarms Ltd alarm system will certainly help to provide an extra degree of security to your home. An alarm system is a must for any parent who has school-age children at home.

Wide-angle Peep Hole

Although technology has advanced greatly over the last 20 years, a peephole still remains one of the most important home safety features. A wide-angle peephole enables you to get a complete view of the surrounding area. Some of the more advanced peepholes on the market are actually designed with a camera system. When someone approaches the door or rings the doorbell, the system will be able to take a picture of the person.

These low-cost safety measures will surely help to protect you and your loved ones from danger. No family should have to live in fear of what may be.

Five Tips For Recovery If Your Home Is Flooded

A flooded home can result in a devastating loss of personal items, not to mention damage to the home itself. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get your home cleaned up as thoroughly as possible. Here are five tips on getting your home back to normal after a flood.


1. Remove the Flood Water

If there’s still a lot of water in your house, getting rid of it is your first step. Depending on how much water there is and what kind of flooring you have, you can use anything from a bucket and mop to pumping equipment. It may take a little while, but removing all that water as soon as possible is important.

2. Start Drying Out the Home

As long as there’s no standing water, you can start drying things out. Set up dehumidifiers, heaters, and fans to help remove moisture and dry out the rooms. If there’s not a lot of humidity outside, open the windows and let that ventilate the house as well.

3. Remove Soaked Carpet

While it’s easy to mop up a wet cement basement floor, carpeting isn’t going to be so lucky. Water-saturated carpet is just going to grow mold, so you need to get remove it. You can look into replacing it later if you want, but for now, just get rid of it.

4. Disinfect

The water filling your home isn’t clean tap water. It’s dirty floodwater that may have been sitting for days. After it’s been cleaned up, spray the house down with water and use disinfectant to wipe down the walls and floors. Do the same with furniture or other items that have been sitting in the muck.

5. Use a Water Damage Services Company

If you’re concerned about serious water damage, call a water damage restoration company and ask them to take a look at your house. Many companies will give you a free estimate of what the damage is, so you can determine whether you need their services to help you clean up.

In all of this, keep safety first. Be careful about walking back into a home filled with water while the power is still on. If there’s a lot of standing water, check with an electrician to make sure it’s safe or call the power company and ask them to disconnect your service while you clean out the water. Then you can follow these tips to recover your belongings and begin the process of cleaning up.

How to Prepare Your Home for Vicious Winter Weather

Each season brings on a new set of challenges when it comes to home maintenance. Not making preparations for the winter can particularly cause your home damages you may not anticipate. Here are four of the items you need to look into and prepare for the winter.

Maintaining Your Pipes

Many homeowners experience what appears to be a random pipe burst at home. This happens when the standing water in the pipe freezes and expands which causes the pipe to break.

This is known to cause major damage, so you should review your insurance policy before the cold weather begins. Home insurance companies like Rogers & Gray Insurance typically have a water damage aspect to your account.

Let water drip from your faucet into your pipes, especially if you will be away from home for an extended period of time. That keeps water moving through the pipes which will not give the cold weather enough time to freeze.

Service Your HVAC

Heating and air units tend to breakdown when the weather changes. Having a service provider run every aspect of your heating unit to catch problems that may occur when you really need the heat is vital.

Some of the things they check include making sure fuel is entering your system and that the heat is reaching every room in your home. They will completely troubleshoot your furnace for you. This can be handled before the winter so when you are using your heating system you can avoid some problems.

Inspect Your Weather Stripping

Fixing your heating system becomes useless if the heat is escaping your home because of ineffective weather stripping. Poor weatherstripping causes your home to lose heat and let in the cold weather elements. It can also cost you higher than normal electric or gas bills depending on your heat source.

Weatherstripping is the process of ceiling cracks or openings between your doors and the frames. Inspect your home to see if that is a factor and look to have it repaired before the winter season begins.

Clean Your Chimney and Fireplace

Some homeowners may choose to make use of their fireplace during the winter. If that is the case, it is important to clean your chimney. This process removes any clogs that may have occurred during the other seasons including clogs caused by falling leaves or other debris.

Cleaning your chimney will ensure that the smoke from your fireplace will be removed from your home properly and efficiently.

Winter is known to bring about tons of changes that can cause you unanticipated repairs. Look to winterize your home before the temperature outside drops.

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