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Know About Marine Claim Investigation

You may be the owner of the most luxurious boat, yacht or a ship, however, some unfortunate chain of events may cause damage to your water vessel and you may have to pay through your nose for the same.

But, the situation can be reversed if you have insurance against the boat. A marine investigation claim can be raised if you wish to get decent compensation for enormous losses caused to your vessel.

Marine Claim
Marine Claim

Marine services in Dubai look for any kind of damage that may have been caused to a ship, yacht or other such water vessel and investigate thoroughly before concluding. There are several reasons for an investigation claim.

Sometimes, simple activities like terribly damaged cargo or water vessel are reason enough for investigation. At other times, horrendous events like marine accidents, fatal mishaps or personal injuries can call for a marine claim investigation.

Investigation in Different Aspects

The claim services look into several aspects of the damage before coming to a conclusion. They look for damages that have been actually caused to the body of the ship or the boat. This may include any kind of destruction caused to the hull of the ship or to the locks, trailers, and containers.

Damage done to the docks also counts. The marine claim investigation also looks out for any kind of injury that may have been caused to commodities and other such objects that were a part of the vessel. Marine pollution is another area where marine claim investigation is extremely crucial.

In a usual circumstance, a marine claim investigation is carried out at the site of the casualty itself. This makes it relatively easier as the technical reports can be generated accurately and immediately. They are usually very supportive and are willing to provide their assistance if needed.

Sometimes, some issues cannot be resolved immediately and easily. They need to be taken to court for a definitive solution. This can be time consuming and exhausting.

However, the consultants working for marine claim investigation extend support by agreeing to act as a witness, thus making the entire procedure much less complicated.

Marine Services

Marine services in Dubai offer claim investigation services that are simple and straightforward. To put it simply, they conduct surveys that are technical and very detailed. This is crucial as every aspect gets covered. Besides, they thoroughly investigate the cause of the damage.

This can be considered as essential since the answer to the cause can be the very solution for the issue. Besides, they also look into the nature of the damage and the extent to which this can affect a business or a person, both emotionally and financially.

Besides, a general survey is conducted to learn more about the history of the vessel and the other factors that surround it that may give them an idea about the damages caused. This is basically an essential procedure in marine claim investigation.

Keeping the client updated with all the latest scoop by the surveyors is a very important aspect of the marine claim investigation. The client is essentially the most important party in the investigation and they need to be thoroughly updated with the exhaustive details.

This is also usually followed by a series of photographs to document the evidence. This gives the client a clear picture of the investigation that is being carried out.

Once all the necessary evidences are collected, the claim investigation team moves on to prepare comprehensive reports that target each and every aspect of the accident and the damages. Finally, the prepared reports are reviewed thoroughly before court proceedings.

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