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Features of the Shell Credit Cards

Credit cards are now the most common thing. From students to businessmen, everybody uses credit cards. In fact, you can use a Shell credit card account online facility to use it and pay for your fuel needs.

No matter how many cars you have, there is no limit on availing the facilities. Your gas credit card (especially your Shell credit card is your key to getting your fuel on demand whenever you want.

Shell credit card
Shell credit card

Of course, you can do other purposes and shopping as well and avail a lot of rewards and points which you can later redeem accordingly. Your Shell credit card account functions like a normal credit card with all the facilities and offers.

All you need to do is to get your Shell credit card login and start the transactions as you required. From online bill payment to booking tickets, the credit card can do a lot. Let us see what the credit card can do for you.

What are Shell credit card online facilities?

Every card has to be paid for after using it and this card is of no different. You need to make prompt and regular Shell credit card payments so that there is no discontinuation of the services.

However, there are many promotional practices of the company to avail Shell credit and get a lot of fuel from it. These promotional schemes are good for those who purchase their fuel-related commodities in bulk and are therefore smart in handling these issues.

The payment system is absolutely hassle-free as you can now pay Shell credit card online. So with just a few clicks, you can now finish off your payment related tensions and use Citi Shell credit card for your as well as your friend’s fuel purchases.

There are times wherein you may encounter some problems with the card with regards to billing or payment issues. In such a scenario, it is always advocated to call up the Shell credit card center and do a proper inquiry of the matter.

The company employs pleasing people with an endearing demeanor to make sure that they are able to clarify the doubts of the customers. These are easy credit cards and are therefore preferred by a huge number of people.

Since fuel is mandatory for all to buy therefore the number of people who solicit the use of these cards are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds.

Distinct Shell gas credit cards:

There are many gas station credit cards to choose from an array of Shell company cards. Here are a few enumerated so that the reader knows what he can be expecting from the company.

Shell “Drive for Five” Card
Now this card has got something to really speak about. It offers a nickel for every gallon of fuel and you can gather up to 100 nickels in a month. This card has a variable APR of 24.99 percent. This is a very good card if you want to build your credit in the market.

Shell Select Member Card
This card can be used at Shell company outlets and carries an annual fee of $25. This card has an APR of 24.99% and offers rebates for only a few travel packages and tours on selective destinations and routes. Needless to say that these travel tours need to be booked through the Shell reservation desk.

Shell Platinum MasterCard
The APR of this card has recently been upped to 23.99% compared to a previous of 11.24% and this card can be utilized at all the places where a Master card can be used. This card offers a discount of 5 percent only on purchases from gas stations run by Shell Company.

The above-mentioned cards are just a few of the one that the company offers for a full list of the cards. You can visit their website to apply for a credit card or call up the customer care day center.

Where are the cards available?

Talking about Shell gas credit card, they are accepted worldwide. There are no exceptions as the company is hugely popular. From electronics to clothes, there is a huge range of goods that you can buy from the stores. However, there are just a handful of places where these gas credit cards are issued. Some of them are enumerated below:

  • Brazil
  • Malaysia
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Greece
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Czech Republic

Only the residents of the above mentioned can use these cards in their name. In fact, buying gasoline was never so easy and with Shell credit card services, you can now earn rewards and a lot of benefits on the cards once you avail them.

The card is for all those people who love their cards and want to take time out for a lovely time with their friends and family. With the Shell oil credit card, you can get fabulous prizes and rewards on the number of purchases made. The more the purchases more are the rewards.

One of the best credit cards, this one definitely tops the charts when it comes to providing a wholesome shopping experience. In fact, students who travel a lot and often have fuel listed as their major expenses often take Shell student credit cards so that their aim to get the card is fulfilled.

They make their Shell credit card payments on time to avail full benefits and to make sure that there are no problems encountered while using the card. There are other cards too that offer similar facilities. This is because the Shell Company is also in conjunction with working with those companies and is also a major sponsor.

For example, Citi bank cards also have certain discounts for their customers only when they buy fuel from Shell gas stations. In fact, you can buy even motor-related oils and other lubricating products for your car and vehicles using Shell gas cards or credit cards.

As with any other credit card, you need to make sure you use it properly, and in safe places, or the end result could be a disaster for you.

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