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Review of First Direct Mortgages

First Direct has been long championed the counterbalance strategy with its First Direct Mortgages plan. The plan not only enables customers to cut back the interest they need to pay, but it also allows them to pay back the mortgage earlier by offsetting credit account balances in customer savings as well as current accounts contrary to the mortgage loan, with finally customer only need to pay for interest on the difference.

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Aim of First Direct Mortgages

The First Direct Mortgages is the target to provide customers with market top rated service, convenience, and value. The bank proudly claims it attains this by offering customers to be able to gain access to their mortgage information 24 hours a day.

The bank also giving reasonable lower interest rates as well as offering complete flexibility for their First Direct Mortgages which making it possible for payment holidays, unlimited overpayments and also no redemption penalty charges. First Direct states that customers can get a mortgage loan approval in principle and reserve a valuation through phone or on the internet.

From the positive feedbacks of some customers, they said First Direct has been completely superb in aiding them to get their first home. The First Direct mortgages which had been given to them were incredibly competitive plus the service level they got was outstanding.

Some customers also claimed that even all the applications were carried out over the phone but they still found the service is totally helpful, highly efficient and are good value for money.

However, we also received some negative feedbacks claimed that First Direct mortgage team are generally terrible, some of them are advising borrowers to be aware of in case they change their job and are intended to move.

Those customers said these can be completely inflexible and it seems like the bank no really care about how loyal a customer has been for a long time and they will expect to get crucify by the bank.

Some also accused that even they never have any late payment or missed any monthly payment, but they still got unfair interest charges for the mortgages. They are advising people to always pay off the credit card outstanding amount and get ready for a sufficient amount to repay the mortgage or else they may face with unfavorable terms.

How Much Can You Get With First Direct Mortgages

How much can you borrow from First Direct mortgage will be depended on how much you earn for your monthly salary? There is a mortgage calculator available on the First Direct mortgage website where you can use to do your calculation.

First Direct Mortgages

The mortgage calculator will provide you with a determined amount that is for indication only. The accurate amount that you need to pay is subject to the situation along with a full financial assessment simply being made. Hence, the amounts that distributed by the First Direct mortgage calculator tend not to make up a mortgage deal to offer to you.

The time you have to use the mortgage calculator to figure out the amount that you may be eligible to borrow, the next thing that you can do is to glance on the available mortgage products that are offered by First Direct and obtain some information of how much your monthly payments will be if you choose for a certain mortgage product.

Overall the First Direct mortgages can be of a remarkable offset mortgage and in case you are saving money in the bank, then this can be used to offset against the payments you’re making. With its user-friendly, easily readable statements and extremely simple online service, you should take a look and apply if you are in need for the product and service.

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