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Five Small House Issues That Seriously Devalue Your Home

Every home has its small and large issues. Many times, large issues look more fixable or acceptable when people walk through the house. However, there are very small problems that home buyers are not going to be willing to overlook. Often this is because it simply indicates to the buyers that the home has not been properly cared for.

If they are willing to overlook these problems, the price that they offer for the house will be much smaller than the asking price since they are less confident about the home’s condition. Consider taking care of each of these issues before your house goes on the market.

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1. Terrible Yard

The yard may not have very much grass. The yard may have flowers that never grew well, or it may have weeds everywhere. While some people think that they can just mow the lawn to handle the problem, there are home shoppers who want a yard that they can make into a pleasantly lush and green landscape that they can enjoy.

However, when buyers see terrible-looking yards, they have a much more difficult time imagining how they would have the yard of their dreams. You don’t need to make the yard fancy, just make sure it is well-groomed and shows promise.  Fill in unsightly holes in the grass.  Remove junk that may be cluttering up the space.  Make the space look as inviting as you can.

2. Poor Garage Door

San Diego garage doors and others in coastal locations can be overwhelmed by the humidity coming off the ocean, and that humidity can make the garage doors squeak and creak every time they are opened.

This can also cause damage to the door itself as the opener pulls it up at a third or a half horsepower. Leaving the garage door in a poor or non-functioning condition is never a good idea.

This is a point of entry most people use frequently. They will want to know it is ready to go when they move in. Fortunately, replacement parts and repairs are usually very affordable. You can address this issue yourself to remove a potential roadblock for your sale.

3. Clutter

Many people who are buying homes can only imagine the home as they saw it. They have never seen the home empty, and that means that any clutter in the house makes the house look smaller. Kids’ toys, storage units, and lots of personal items simply take up too much space.

When homebuyers think the home is too small, they will move on. Remove as many unnecessary items from sight before showing the home.  Leave only furniture and items that set off the space and make it easy for the buyers to envision their life in your home.

4. Bad Paint

While the paint colors in the house may be nice to you, the home buyer is going to notice if some of the colors on the walls or the exterior are fading or dingy. Fading paint is one of the tell-tale signs to buyers that the home has not been well cared for.  Repaint these areas, as well as places where uncommon colors have been used as these, can also off-put buyers.

5. Dirty Floors

While the floors could be dirty for any number of reasons, a home buyer may not be able to imagine what the beautiful flooring in the home will look like when it is clean, and this little problem can again demonstrate that the home is ill-kept. If this is the case, buyers may go on the choose a house that is cleaner overall.

When you are preparing to sell your home, don’t forget to address these little issues as they can be a determining factor in a buyer’s decision to walk away from the sale or offer a much lower price. Looking at each of these considerations can make the home more likely to sell well and will also help keep it cleaner in the interim.

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