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How to Turn Your House into a Standout on the Street

Most people make judgments about a home and the neighborhood by how well the exterior of the home is maintained. If a home has very tall grass, overgrown bushes, leaning mailbox or slumped gutters, one may assume the home is abandoned.

On the other hand, a well-manicured exterior gives the perception that the homeowners care about their home and neighbors. Below are four ways you too can make sure the outside of your home stands out in your neighborhood.

1. Lawn Care

Taking great care of your front yard is paramount, particularly when it comes to caring for your lawn. For many, it is the largest area of your outdoor property and often the first thing people see when they look at your home. Green low cut grass and trimmed shrubbery beautifully frame your home. Watering your lawn a few times a week during the warm months and less often during the colder months ensures a neatly manicured look to your home.

2. Curbside Mailboxes

A wobbly old mailbox sticks out negatively in front of a home. Minor changes like new paint or clean clear numbers can make a difference. Reinstalling the mailbox so that it is sturdy in the ground and properly installed will not only make it more useful but give your front yard a respectable boost. Installing a new mailbox with a different color or choosing from iconic curbside mailboxes will separate your home from your neighbors.

3. Driveway

Whether you have asphalt or concrete keeping your driveway clear and clean will maintain a consistently refined look to your home. Filling gaps, painting or adding edges with bricks or stones add a special charm. Keeping your driveway free from debris and stains helps it maintain a crisp look.

4. Flowers and Plants

A well-maintained garden adds color and character to a home. It gives the homeowner an opportunity to express creativity which ensures your home a one of a kind presentation. Removing flower heads that have faded, constant watering and making sure the soil is moist ensures a good environment for your plants to blossom and add excitement to your home for years to come.

It is the minor changes and additions that make your home unique. Make it one of a kind by having fun with your enhancements. Adding a splash of color for a mailbox or laying stones to frame your garden or driveway will make your home a standout on your street.

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5 Tips To Choose Home Without Skeletons in Closet

Purchasing a home is often one of the largest life decisions an individual makes. This single decision involves a financial commitment, locational ties, maintenance responsibilities, and more. With that, many considerations are also involved with buying a home.

Even so, many new home buyers overlook a few common considerations that can help them avoid purchasing a home with a few “skeletons in the closet” or ongoing problems that can be difficult and daunting to fix.

Efforts are made for providing homebuyers with all the information necessary to get the home they have always wanted and to avoid any unnecessary problems in the process. Use the strategies below to choose a home that doesn’t have any skeletons in the closet.

Get a home inspection

Literally, no home is without flaws, even brand new ones, but having a thorough home inspection completed prior to purchase will help you avoid any unnecessary home improvement costs or issues. A thorough home inspection includes a variety of evaluations including wiring, HVAC, foundation, roof, and many others.

Additionally, you may want to add inspections for radon, lead paint, and common home pests. Making the contract contingent upon a successful home inspection will provide you room for negotiation should any problems be found.

Request and check prior utility bills

An important consideration when purchasing a home is the actual cost of the utility bills associated with the home. Reviewing utility bills from the previous owner helps in two ways.

One, this process allows you to weigh the actual cost of maintaining the home compared to how much you can afford each month as utility bills are an additional cost on top of the mortgage.

In addition, this appraisal may help you identify issues with the current system. If the heating or cooling bills seem out of line with the size of the house, it is likely there is an issue with the systems or the insulation in the home.

Ask for and examine records from previous improvements and projects

While it may seem especially nice moving into a home that has just been painted or the roof was redone, these improvements are worth little value if the materials used lack quality. Asking for receipts and records of previous projects will help you pinpoint renovations that are of actual value.

Inquire about the age of the appliances

While a home inspector will evaluate whether appliances are working correctly, he often will not check the actual age of an appliance. This consideration is particularly important if you are considering purchasing an older home. Knowing the age of appliances will help you determine approximately how soon the major appliances may need updating or replacing.

Do your own check

Be sure to perform your own “maintenance check.” Examine doors and windows and feeling for drafts, evaluate the backyard and the surrounding neighborhood, and look at any items that are particularly important to you. Performing this type of self-check will help you identify any specific concerns you may have as the homeowner.

These simple strategies can help you avoid a lot of headaches when purchasing a new home.

Six Tips to Make Your Old House Become New One

An old house, though charming, poses problems for residents and visitors. When a person can fix up the property a bit, they can enjoy the amenities with the same old layout. Here are six tips to make your old house become a new one.

Gas lines

Older houses have notoriously unreliable gas lines which can cause problems. Luckily, a smart homeowner who takes the time to update them will get rid of the problem. In fact, an expert with Gas Line Repair in Houston will do wonders for the resell value of the house. Remember, to make meals or enjoy hot water, a person should have functioning gas lines.


One of the most innovative things in homes today is home automation. With the installation of one of these systems, you are able to monitor the home lights, security, and electricity use.


If it is financially viable, a homeowner should have solar panels installed on his or her roof. With new panels, a resident can enjoy free electricity when the weather cooperates. This will only become more valuable as energy prices will rise in the future. Remember, with well-placed solar panels, one will not mess up the beauty of an old house.

Extra bathroom

Old houses often only have one or two bathrooms. This is troublesome for a family of five or more. To fix the problem, a homeowner should add an extra bathroom. If this is not possible, one should, at the least, add an extra shower in a half bathroom. This will certainly help the resell value as most people love a house with plenty of bathrooms.

New windows

Old windows will let in plenty of cold and hot air. Furthermore, they do not filter out noise as well as new ones do. To modernize the home and save money in the process, one should replace their old windows with double pane versions. This will pay for itself quickly in lower heating and cooling bills as the house will stay at a more desirable temperature.


When living in a bad area, one should have an alarm in the house. It will protect both residents and possessions in the house and is an inexpensive way to gain protection. Since most old homes do not have this, it is the perfect investment.

With these six tips, one can modernize their old and outdated home.

5 Ways To Make Your Yard Look Spectacular

Are you looking for a way to make your yard look spectacular? Do you want to have the lawn that catches everyone’s eye for all the right reasons? The following five tips can help you achieve the spectacular yard that you yearn for.


Lush green grass adds beauty to any lawn. Whether you have a lot of grass or a little grass to accentuate raised flower beds, nature areas or stone walkways, it’s essential that the grass be well maintained. If you don’t have time for lawn maintenance, you can seek out a reliable lawn care service.

Flowers and more

You may want to get advice, guidance, and assistance from Salisbury landscaping when deciding what type of trees and shrubs to include in your landscape design. Some surprises are good surprises.

With the help of a landscaper, you could plant bulbs in specific areas of your yard so that when spring arrives, everyone who passes by your home will be delightfully surprised by the splendid array of color in your yard.

To create a truly spectacular yard, you can create a design that includes attractive pathways that lead through a gorgeous flower garden that includes some impressive trees and shrubs.

Structural Art

You can create an attractive private retreat in your yard by including a gazebo as part of your landscape design. Structures such as trellises and pergolas add an artistic element to your landscape design. Both flowering and non-flowering vines can be grown on these structures. This will further increase the beauty of your yard.


Once you have created some impressive spaces in your yard, you can add lighting that will enhance those areas. String lights are lovely on structures such as the trellis or pergola. Pathway lights can be used to illuminate the path that winds through the flower garden or the walkway to the front door. Spotlights draw attention to a garden focal point.

Create a focal point

A water feature, bird bath, magnificent statue or some other type of yard art can be added to your landscape design to serve as a focal point. A unique tree or shrub could also be highlighted as a focal point.

When choosing plants and flowers for your yard, it’s a good idea to seek advice from experts so that you select the appropriate plants for your area. Landscaping services can lighten the workload for you when it comes to planting and maintaining a spectacular landscape design.

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