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Juniper Credit Card From Barclays For Your Application

The Juniper credit card is one of the latest offerings from international banking giant Barclays, who is also one of largest issuing credit card companies in the United States of America (and offer the Barclays credit card). They partner with just about every conceivable bank, business, airline, entertainment, and education company there is. Or at least it seems like it.

But the Juniper credit card has been made available to only the Americans living in the U.S.A. who have a good credit rating (you may want to check your credit score before applying just to make sure that there aren’t any little surprises that could hold up your application when you do get around to applying for a card).

juniper credit card
juniper credit card

How to Apply for Juniper Credit Card?

During the application process, you will need to reveal some pretty standard information about yourself such as your social security number, the amount of money you make every year, your driving license number, your address and so on. The nice thing about the Juniper credit card is that you can apply for it online on their website.

(Here is a helpful tip – try not to apply for this card in a public place using any sort of shared internet connection such as the free wi-fi connections available at many coffee shops, libraries, schools and so on, as the information that you end up sending could be available to others who might be using the same connection, should they be checking things out!)

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Activate the Automatically Notification

Once you have made an account with them, I would also advise that you have them automatically notify you of when your statements are available online, your bill pay or when your payments are due. This will save you so much frustration (as it has me) when it comes to trying to remember which payments are due at that time.

This little feature alone could save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to late fees, interest costs, and over-limit charges! You can simply make your payment online by login into the Barclays website. (You can set the system up to alert you when you are getting close to your card’s credit limit as well.)

There are a few different options when it comes to choosing a Juniper credit card, and you may run into it more by accident than on purpose, just because they partner with so many different companies. So, the next time you apply for a credit card for a particular company, you may end up finding out it really is a Juniper credit card!!

But back to a few of the different options they provide.

There is the Lufthansa Airlines MasterCard which comes as a basic model having an annual fee of fifty-nine dollars, or the premier credit card option which has a yearly fee of seventy-nine dollars.

Another option is the Best Western Platinum MasterCard, offering no APR for any balance transfers that you make right off the bat, and after signing up and becoming approved, you have a chance to win ten thousand reward points that you can use at Best Western for free stays in their hotels.

Then there is the Midwest Airlines MasterCard. The basic card has an annual fee of forty-nine dollars and is called the World MasterCard, and there is the Platinum MasterCard which has no annual fee at all.

As you can see, all of these cards cater to people who tend to travel a lot – people who would like discounted rates on either hotel stays or plane travel – so it is important for you to really sit down and consider exactly what card would suit you the best.

If you don’t travel much, you may want to look for a different credit card, as there are quite a few different options to choose from. (Their cards are quite similar to the southwest credit card.)

There is also a GHESP/Futuretrust MasterCard that you can get where you get a one percent rebate on all of your purchases (with no maximum amount – so you can spend all you want without maxing out this particular rebate).

You can link this to almost any investment or bank account to receive these rebates, although most people link it to a Georgia 529 plan or something.

Barclays Customer Service Number

Contact your dedicated Customer Service Team with this phone number: 1-866-928-8598.

Other phone numbers:

Credit card activation


Fax number




To access the website, you can type in this URL: www.barclaycardus.com

Once you are there, you can login or sign in with your username and password.


If you search for Juniper credit card review through the search engine, you can see there are quite a number of people who are having a bad experience with the card but there are also many people who are pleased with the card services.

Many people are not happy for the credit card company to gouge them for interest rate hikes and additional fees. Some people are satisfied with it as they think it helps them in getting better rates, as well as easy to get approval for other things such as a house or car purchase, loans, and etc.

If you intend to apply for the card, it is best for you to do your own due diligent by figuring out all the pros and cons and make your final decision whether to go for it or not.

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2 thoughts on “Juniper Credit Card From Barclays For Your Application”

  1. I hope that I never apply this credit card in the first place. The customer service is really rude and they are just not professional enough to remain in this field. I once make a case to dispute against a payment to a laptop that I never made. But after 4 months of several phone calls and emails, I still got a charge back on my card. They said that I not able to show them enough proof for the transaction and the charge is finale, case is closed. I wonder what is the consumer protection that they always preach on?

  2. I have outstanding amount of few hundred that been overdue for 2 days and once I clear it up, I found that my card was not able to swap anymore. I called to the bank and they just told me that they have terminated my card, despite the fact that my account was in good standing. All I can said that this is really insane. If a company wants to cancel a card, they should at least notify the card holder and not keep them in blue.

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