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Keep Your House Safe While You Are Away From Home

Are you going away from home for a while? Protecting your property and your assets is a must while you are on the road. Use this advice to provide a line of defense against thieves who target and infiltrate weakly protected homes.

Maintain strong property lighting

Bright lighting deters a burglar’s fascination with your home. Make sure that criminals cannot lurk in the shadows around your home by installing floodlights and outdoor lamps on your property.

Use strong light near doorways, large windows, and other easy-to-access entries. Illuminate the inside of your home by using a light switch timer for light during the night.

Lock up well

Homeowners that overlook something as simple as an unlocked window may find themselves burglarized. Use heavy duty deadbolt locks to secure your property. Be sure to replace any windows or entry locks that are old because they provide less protection. Do not leave a spare key anywhere outside your home, or you could offer criminals easy access if they discover it.

Speak with your neighbors

Burglars are notorious for spotting uninhabited homes by scanning their front porch. Tell your neighbors to watch your home while you are away, as they can prevent your house from getting robbed. If mail is everywhere and your lawn is unkempt, thieves will suspect you and your family are gone.

Ask your neighbors to collect your mail while you are gone, or ask the post office to hold your mail (for up to 30 days) until you return. Arrange for lawn care in your absence to keep your property off the radar.

Don’t tell everyone you are leaving

Although it may be tempting to brag about the details of your upcoming vacation plans online, refrain from doing so to protect yourself. Avoid posting notes and travel plans about your upcoming vacation on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

Burglars and dishonest folks that know you are away can find out where you live can make their move if you freely advertise the information. Inform only family and select friends that you can trust.

Get a security system

The number one way that many homeowners protect their property while away is with a state-of-the-art home security system. The experts with Tampa home security suggest they can give you the peace of mind that you need when you are away from your residence. Get an innovative security company that can install an effective home security system quickly in your house.

Taking the time to make your property appear less attractive to criminals is imperative. Individuals living in homes with an attached garage must be sure that the perimeter is highly secure. Leave a spare key with a trustworthy person to check on your property periodically.

Remember to unplug any high-powered appliances and electronics to prevent destructive electrical fires. You can also hire a house sitter to monitor and take care of the house in your absence. These simple tips will help you to protect your property while you are away.

5 Unconventional Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglary

While some burglaries are targeted with detailed plans, others are done on the fly where burglars typically like to do things with ease and in a hurry. There is no foolproof method of protecting your home from burglary, but there are some common sense things that you can do to make a burglar’s job more difficult, and give a potential burglar the incentive to go elsewhere.

1. Choose Heavy and Bulky Household Items

When you purchase items for your home, consider purchasing the heaviest and bulkiest of items. This applies not only to furniture, but also your knickknacks that are otherwise easy to grab.

Choose items made of marble, wood, and other heavyweight materials that will weigh down the load for a burglar. Rather than taking numerous items, the weight will force a burglar to limit the number of items that can be grabbed.

Also, choose big bulky items that are awkward to carry. If it’s awkward for you, then it will be awkward for a burglar.  (This tip may be inadvisable if you move frequently, but if you’re staying put, this can really help!)

2. Mount Items In and Around Your Home

Should you fall victim to a burglar, don’t give the burglar access to all of your things at once. Mount your valuables such that it takes time and effort to remove them.

For example, choose a heavy picture frame for your valuable artwork and be creative in mounting it rather than hanging it such that it can be removed by simply lifting it up. Avoid all-in-one electronics and other equipment, and consider separate pieces that require time and patience to disconnect.

3. Keep a Radio or TV Turned On

Consider keeping a radio or TV turned on when you are not at home. This will give the impression that someone is at home, and provide a potential burglar with an incentive to move on to an environment where he or she may feel less likely to be confronted.

4. Place Door Entry Locks Away From Door Windows

An entry door with windows is a classic look for any home. However, many manufacturers make the mistake of placing the door lock within arms reach of the window. Consider adding an additional lock that cannot be accessed if the window is knocked out.

5. Talk About Your Great Plans After You Return

If you are planning to take a trip or be away from your home for an extended period of time, disclose your plans to only trusted friends and families. Too often, people make the mistake of letting others know when it is most convenient to break in.

Avoid that public tweet or status update announcing that your house will shortly be open for robbery. Your plans will be just as interesting for your friends, followers, and admirers when you return from your stay.

Top 5 Tips for Home Break-In Prevention

The FBI has estimated that there were over 2 million burglaries in 2011, a 10 percent rise in the statistics from the previous year. This makes home burglaries a serious issue, and home break-in prevention a must for all homeowners. Here are the top 5 tips InsuranceTown.com has provided that homeowners can use to prevent home burglaries.

home break-in
home break-in

5. Don’t Show Off

Casually leaving items, such as bicycles, around your yard can attract uninvited guests to happily walk away with your brand new bike. Another casual mistake people make is leaving boxes of new electronics outside. Any prospective robber can quickly tally up what’s inside your house if you happen to leave a flat screen TV box lying outside of your home. It’s important to put expensive items out of plain view, especially during the day when the majority of robberies occur.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Doors and Windows

Taking the extra time out of your day to secure any sliding doors and windows can be the difference of having a safe home, or having one that is easily accessible to strangers. Unsecured sliding doors can be easily taken out of the frame, allowing instant access to criminals, and unlocked windows are typical points of unlawful entry. Because over 40 percent of home invasions happen without forced entry, it is important to remember if you have no problem getting through locked doors or through your window air conditioner unit, then criminals won’t have a problem either.

3. Secure Your Lawn

Along with securing windows and doors, keeping your hedges trimmed adds visibility to your house and removes covering for thieves to hide in. Even adding a home security sign in your yard can help deter criminals, because according to some police departments, most prospective robbers stay away from those houses in fear of getting caught.

2. Make Proper Vacation Preparations

Residential burglaries rise during summer months, as most families go off on summer vacation trips. In order to keep your home safe, you can, call the local police department so that they can make regular patrols in your area, have a friend pick up your newspapers so burglars don’t know you left town, and get to know your neighbors so that they can watch your house while you are gone. It may even be advantageous to join a neighborhood watch program to further decrease crime in your neighborhood as a whole.

1. Remember to Stay Alert

Although it is impossible to keep an eye on every inch of your property, if you follow all of the steps above, then the last and final step would be to stay vigilant. Make sure your doors and windows are always locked before you leave the house, and find out about the local crime statistics in the area that you reside. Increased crime rates logically mean that you should take extra caution when making plans and securing your home.

If you follow every step mentioned above, you are already reducing your chance for a home invasion, but if you still happen to be a victim of a burglary, it is important that you have the proper insurance that will cover the damages suffered. Try sites like InsuranceTown.com

for a quote online. It only takes a minute of your time.

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