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Simple Definition and Meaning of Mortgage

mortgage definition

What do you know about a mortgage? What is the simple definition of a mortgage? If you wish to understand mortgage meaning in simple words, then firstly we need to know that the word of “mortgage” is actually derived from French, and “mort” is actually mean death while “gage” indicates “agreement or pledge”. So, the … Read more

Unfavorable Chase Mortgage Loan Reviews

chase bank

Over the course of previous times series of months, Chase has had the chance offered by U.S. President Barrack Obama’s Making Homes Affordable Program for them to remortgage a great number of home loans. Despite the fact that not all home owner will be approved for refinancing or loan modification at the time they asking … Read more

What is Your Credit Rating Scores?

credit rating

If you don’t know what is credit score all about, you may read through this credit scores explained. Credit rating scores are numbers that mortgage companies use to assess the FICO risk score of any applicant. FICO actually stands for Fair, Isaac, and Company, which is the one that develops the mathematical formulas and scoring … Read more