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Post Construction: How to Plan Your Move In Perfectly

For those who’ve just had a new home built, the day you can finally move in is one that’s highly anticipated. Many make the moving process far more complicated than necessary, and far less efficient through poor planning. If you remember these basic tips, your own transition should go more smoothly than the vast majority of moves.

plan house moving
plan house moving

Stock Up on Packing Material
When making a move, it’s always the unforeseen developments that throw a monkey wrench into the gears. You can never have enough newspaper, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes to package your belongings and protect furniture from damage. Be sure to acquire plenty of moving pads and dollies to make wrangling heavy gear easier.

Inventory Each and Every Item
Amid the confusion that comes with moving, it’s easy to lose track of certain items. Be sure to come up with a full accounting of your possessions and record them in a spreadsheet using a program like Excel. That way, you can check off each item as it’s moved in.

Prepare a Spacious Staging Area
It’s impossible to completely storyboard a move down to the last detail. As such, it’s important to have a space cleared out at the new house where you can temporarily store incoming furniture and boxes. An attached garage is an ideal staging location as long as it’s relatively large and features wide openings.

Work Top to Bottom, Heavy to Light
To avoid complicating your move, it’s best to focus on transporting heavy items to the top floors first. Get all of the tables, desks, wardrobes, and beds set up early in the morning. As you tire throughout the moving day, you’ll be happy you dealt with the bulkier items first.

Wait Until the End to Clean Up
Moving is always a tiresome process that leaves individuals and families wiped out afterward. Give yourself a day or two to get everything into place before you start the cleanup process. Hiring a dedicated cleaning company or Edmonton maid service like Grimebusters Ltd, to give the whole building a thorough once-over is well worth the expense after a taxing move.
Making a smooth transition from one house to the next requires careful planning and diligent execution. With the right game plan in place, you can knock out any move in less than a day. The key is to stay flexible so you can alter your strategy as need be throughout the course of the operation.

5 Tips Using Storage Containers for First Time Home Buyer

In the midst of choosing paint colors, designing the landscape and ordering new address labels, first-time homebuyers actually have to find the time to move into their new home.

While exciting, this undertaking can also be emotionally stressful and financially expensive. Create a smooth moving day experience by renting storage containers.

Storage containers assist first-time homebuyers in preparing for their big move. First-time homeowners may be moving from a small apartment or studio space. Set the container at the new home before moving day.

Avoid the expense and hassle of hiring a moving truck or finding helpful friends to load and unload boxes. Instead, first timers can store packed boxes in storage containers located at their new place in the weeks leading up to moving day.

When the home is ready for occupancy, the storage unit can be unloaded one box at a time, as needed. This convenient option limits moving day expense and stress.

Tender Loving Care

Some homes may require a bit of tender loving care before the new owners move in. During the remodeling process, rent storage containers to hold furniture and other possessions. This allows safekeeping for items from dust, paint, and chemicals commonly used during a remodel.

In some extreme cases, a new homebuyer may discover an infestation of rodents, termites or other pests in their house. By using storage containers, they can secure their belongings away from pest damage or extermination chemicals while the home undergoes preparation for occupancy.

Organizing a new home can be messy. Unopened boxes clutter living space and create chaos in the space. Organize the unpacking mess by utilizing storage containers. Store boxes that hold seldom used items like China, or sports equipment.

These boxes can wait in the secure storage container until the homeowner has made space in the house, attic, basement or garage. Organize regularly used items without being pressured to unpack every box in one day.

Storage containers protect possessions from weather damage or vandals. Rather than allowing boxes of keepsakes and household goods to be left outside under a tarp or in an unsecured basement, protect valuables in weatherproof storage containers.

Thieves and vandals maintain surveillance on new homes. Secure possessions from theft or damage before, during and after moving day by utilizing secure, locked storage containers.

Enhance Moving Day Experience

First-time homebuyers will enhance the moving day experience by renting storage containers. Customize storage containers for maximum space by installing partitions and shelves, adding windows and doors or ordering a customized size to accommodate larger furniture.

Protect possessions from theft and damage, and find a storage container that meets the needs of every first-time homebuyer.

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