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Preparing A House For A Fast Sale

Selling a house can be a big emotional wrench. Most people simply want to get it done as quickly as possible while getting the best price for their old home. With a little planning and a few simple techniques, you can make your home much more saleable.

Here’s how to go about it

1 – It’s not a home anymore

You have to think of a house sale as a pure business transaction. The more you can disassociate your emotions from the deal the happier you will be. Get any goodbyes you feel you need to say out of the way early in the process and start thinking about your new home.

2 – Too much you

Buyers will be imagining creating their own memories in this building, so give them a blank canvas. Strip out personal photographs and heirlooms.

3 – Too much stuff

A good de-clutter probably won’t do you any harm as you prepare to move. Start your packing early and leave clean and clear surfaces that the next owners can imagine filling with their own stuff.

4 – Nosey

We’re all a bit nosey and taking a look round someone’s home is too good an opportunity to miss for most people. Bear that in mind and organize your home, it’ll make a good impression if buyers do snoop in drawers and cupboards.

5 – Store the extras

The more things you can get out of your home before the sale the better. A storage unit will let you open up space and will make the house look bigger and brighter. Leave furniture that you absolutely need and which highlights the purpose of each room, but if you can take it out, then do.

6 – Is this included?

If you’re not going to leave fixtures behind, you should consider removing them before you open your home to viewers. What’s not seen can’t be covered and you’ll avoid any nasty little disputes about a favorite light fixture you always planned to take with you.

7 – Spick and span

A little DIY goes a long way. Cosmetic damage to walls, tiles, and floors should be fixed. Make sure your taps and lights all work properly and the doors open and close correctly.

8 – Colour me bad

Neutral colors on the walls enhance the blank canvas appeal of a home. It may seem a waste to be decorating a home you’re about to leave, but it could help a quick sale. Even bed linen should be clean, white and new if possible. All of these things will help sell my house quick when it comes to it.

9 – Clean, clean, clean!

Make your home sparkle. These potential buyers are among the most important visitors you’ll ever have. So don’t spare any effort in giving your house a really deep clean. Damp and musty odors are a particular turn-off to would-be buyers so air everything thoroughly.

10 – Looking good?

Put yourself in the buyer’s position and take a look at your home from the street. Then tour your house with a critical eye. Be picky and be honest – the best impression is of an empty home just waiting to be moved into.

Take your cleaning outside too – it doesn’t hurt to brush the pavement outside the house and make sure the garden’s in a decent state too.

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Looking Into Getting a Fast Sale of your Property

There might be numerous reasons why one might want a fast sale. For instance divorce, repossession worries, inheritance and emigration are just some of the many reasons why people want someone to buy their home for cash quickly. If you are among this group you might want to read the following when looking to obtain a fast cash sale.

Points to consider when looking for a fast sale

Here are some of the things you may wish to consider when looking to sell your property fast for cash:

  • Use the internet to find sources and ways to sell your property fast. With almost every home possessing a computer, this is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on information. You are able to find out numerous things online such as property values, the costs associated with selling your home and virtually any aspect related to property selling.
  • Consider selling your home fast with companies that are regulated by the FSA and offer cash sales in around 4 weeks.
  • Always take your options into account. Bear in mind that you may have several options open to you and these have to be weighed up against each other as typically they all come with pros and cons.
  • Don’t rush into selling your property, check out the terms and conditions of any offer you are given.
  • Remember that if you are selling with an estate agent you may not get the fast sale that you hoped for, in fact, your property may remain on the market for a long time.
  • Always take advice from people around you and in particular professionals. This may help you to find the most suitable solution for selling.

A Quick House Sale Is Possible

Putting your home on the market with an estate agent is costly, time-consuming and it can take many months if you sell your home at all. For many reasons it would be beneficial if we could just wave a magic wand, as we often need a quick house sale. While those companies who specialise in offering a quick sale haven’t got a wand, they can help you when it comes to selling your home in the shortest time possible.

In the majority of cases, you would get an informal quote for how much your home might be worth in as little as 24 hours from you applying. The best companies allow you to either apply online or call a free phone number and give your details. If you are happy to go ahead then the next step is a valuation and a written quotation then you can go ahead and finalise the sale shortly after.

The whole process is as stressless as possible because of course the company realises that those needing a quick sale will already be suffering from stress. Quick property sales could be used when you are emigrating and need to leave immediately or when you are divorcing and neither partner wants to remain in the home. Of course, there are many other reasons why selling quickly could be essential.

A Fast Property Sale Can Be Achieved With A Quick Sales Specialist

It is possible to get an answer as to if you could sell your property fast with a specialist offering quick sales deals in just 24 hours. The whole process could not be easier, all you have to do is to go online and either fill in the form that is provided on their website to call the free phone number they will provide.

You will have to give a few details regarding the type of property, where it is located and how much roughly it would cost to buy. After this, someone will get back to you with an offer and then if it sounds reasonable you can go ahead and have them come to value your home and talk the process over with you.

Companies offering a fast property sale will not give you the full value of your home. However, they will give you a quick sale that can go through in just a matter of weeks and you will not have to pay out any fees to put your home on the market. When putting your home on the market you could find that it takes months to sell if at all and you could even end up having to drop the price you wanted for the home drastically to make a sale.

How to Make A Fast House Sale? The Options for Selling

If you wish to sell property fast then you have to consider all of the options for selling. You have the choice of putting your home up for sale with an estate agent, auctioning the property, selling it yourself or selling to a company that offers to buy property for cash. Which option you take may depend on your preferences, and it does not hurt to check out them all to find out the ins and outs of each.

Selling Through an Estate Agent

When you sell the traditional way through an estate agent you typically have to pay out money upfront. Also bear in mind that:

  • Solicitors do not come cheap and neither will the costs for the estate agent. This is usually a percentage of what your property sells for.
  • It can take a great deal of time to get your property on the market, and of course, your property will be likely to gain more interest if it is in pristine condition. Therefore you may have to pay out money in order to be able to make a sale and get a good price for the property. An immaculate property, therefore, is essential when selling this way.

Auctioning Your Property

Putting the property up for auction may be a bit of a gamble. It may sell quicker than with an estate agent, but then again depending on the day, it may not sell at all, or it may sell for less than you would like. You may wish to consider:

  • Eager property investors are keen to attend auctions and snap up property for as little as possible.
  • There is always the option of choosing an auction house online, which may attract more interest than just in your local area?

Selling Property Yourself

You may wish to try and sell the property yourself. If thinking of selling this way, consider these facts:

  • You would still have to hire a solicitor and this typically comes with some substantial costs.
  • You also need to purchase a home information pack.
  • You have to pay out for advertising materials and spend a great deal of time on being able to market the property yourself.
  • Search the internet for websites to list your property with may help you to sell, but can be time-consuming, and of course, you typically have to pay to advertise your property on these sites.

Companies Who Buy Property for Cash

It is best for you in considering to sell your house to those companies that can buy your property with cash. With this, you will be able to get the cash fast if you are in need of money. There are still some points  that you need to bear in mind:

  • Typically you may be able to sell a property quickly, usually in a month or so.
  • Usually, there are no fees to have to pay out to sell property this way.
  • Generally, you get less than the full asking price for the property, around 70%.
  • Anyone may look into selling this way via the online form.

When considering all of the possibilities of sell home quickly, take your time and do not rush into any decision without first considering all of the pros and cons of each and weighing them up. Selling your property is just as important decision as you made when you bought the property.

If I Need To Sell My House Fast I Would Look With A Company Offering A Fast Sale

If I want to sell my house fast I would look for a company that offers fast sales and I could use this option for many reasons. Needing to be able to sell-my-house-fast would mean I could search online for companies allowing me to make a quick sale. A quick house sale could be made after a quote in just 24 hours; this would allow me to know if a sale could be made this way.

A fast house sale can come in very handy in many situations. One of them these situations is if you want to stop repossession. Being able to sell property fast means I am able to pay off the mortgage lender and not have to worry about it. This option of being able to sell your house eases the stress that eviction worries can bring. Companies who buy houses fast could provide property buyers struggling to pay their mortgage the chance to start over.

A quick property sale could also be a solution when selling your house to release the equity in it. If you try to sell your property through an estate agent then you might not be able to sell a house for many months, even if a sale is possible. If you need to sell property fast a company offering a fast sale could be the way out when you have to sell your home. If I chose to sell my house quick, taking this option I could sell my house for cash and use the money as I needed.

House buyers divorcing might need to consider house selling. I could sell my home with a specialist company who claims “we buy houses” and sell my property to them in just a few weeks. By choosing to sell a house fast I could also avoid solicitors and estate agent fees.

Emigration could be another reason why I would need to sell my house. Having the option of being able to sell fast when moving, could offer the ideal solution to being able to sell a home. I could sell a house fast and not have the worry of if the property would sell. I would have peace of mind of a sale and cash in hand to use in my new life.

Being able to sell your house fast can come in useful in many situations. A quick sale if choosing to sell with an estate agent is usually not the ideal way to sell your house quickly. House sales this way can take some considerable time even if a sale is made at all. A quick sale even if possible it could fall through at the last minute due to broken chains. Advertising for sale by owner can also take some considerable time and is not the way to go when a fast sale is needed.

Using a quick sale solution this way does come with some pros and cons that need weighing up. You get to sell your house fast and if time is of the essence then this could be a viable choice for home selling.

Quick house sales with a specialist company do not typically come with 100% of the value of the home but you do not have fees to pay. When I want to sell my house this way I would have to take all the pros and cons into account before deciding. The company would buy my house in as little as a few weeks and this is a bonus too when time is short and I need to sell my house. When I want to sell my house this way I could apply online using the form provided.

My Property is in Disrepair, can I still sell it?

If your property is in disrepair and you need to sell it fast you may be asking “If I want to sell my house quick is worth paying out to spruce up the property or sell with a company offering a fast sale in any condition” People generally ask this when they are considering the two options, selling online or through an estate agent.

It takes money to make money

The old saying is that it takes money to make money, but is this so when you are thinking of selling a property. When considering renovating the property in order to be able to sell fast, consider the following:

You may pay out many thousands of pounds for a patio or conservatory but will this help you to sell any faster? If properties in your area are not selling at all the chances are that you will just be wasting your money.

If you want to gain interest in your home when putting it up for sale you may wish to spruce up the outside of the home without spending a fortune. Cleaning gutters, weeding the garden and cutting the lawn and applying a lick of paint to outside woodwork makes a drastic change to the exterior. This is a cheaper solution than putting in new windows and doors and landscaping the property.

If you cannot afford to spend much money to make changes needed to spruce up your home you may have to drop the asking price a little, after all this may work out cheaper than paying out to remedy the faults on your property and prepare it for sale.

Sell the property as it is

It is a bit of a gamble when you think about spending money to make money. You may well spend hundreds or thousands of pounds and it could add value onto your property and may help you to get a fast sale. On the other hand, you could spend all this money only to see your property sit on the market and not sell.

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