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Sears Credit Card – All You Need To Know About

Information on Sears Credit Card

There are different types of Sears credit card to address customers’ needs. First is the standard Sears card that you can use on all sears department stores and affiliated companies.

A more flexible card is the Sears Gold master card; you can use this at any retail store bank and ATM that accepts master card. This can also be used for debt consolidation.

If you are currently renovating your home, a Sears Home Improvement Account will a good credit for you because this provides low interest rate for home items.

Sears Commercial One Card is specifically designed for business owners and managers. It provides easy tracking of purchases and tax tips.

How Sears Credit Cars Customer Service Works

As a cardholder, your special benefits include Identity Theft Solutions. You will be protected from identity theft or they will help you if you are a victim of one. You can contact Sears credit card customer service for more information about this feature.

If you are a Sear’s customer and are thinking of applying for Sears credit card you can directly apply at the counter. You also have the option to fill out an application form and just mail it in. Another way is to apply online through Citi card. You can also call sears credit card customer service and apply over the phone.

For more information with regards to the service and benefits, you can log into Sears Card page. You can also contact Citi bank the official issuer of Sears’s credit card for information on what type of credit card they can offer you and the benefits attached to those cards.

Information about Sears Credit Card Customer Service

Another feature associated with Sears credit card is the online account. An online account allows you secure access to your account at any time of the day creates your own customer profile. You will be able to check billing statements, read reports and know your schedule of payments.

You also have the option to pay your bills online which is very convenient on your part. You can also contact customer service and technical support by sending them secured messages through your account

Of course, you can also call sears credit card customer service if you have a question about your account. You can contact customer service by following this link.

Just like online you can inquire about your account balance, payment options, how much credit you still have, minimum payment due and its due date. If you lost your billing statement you can ask for a new one, you can also ask for a copy of your recent transaction or purchase or report a lost card.

How to Apply for Sears Credit Card

If Sears is one of your favorite stores, so you better apply for a sears credit card. After applying for this card you will get many discounts and bonuses. Sears MasterCard has features of Sears Point, You earn it for every 1 dollar spent.

Apply for a Sears Credit Card

The first step of applying for a Sears Credit Card is to choose exactly which Credit Card do you need. Maybe you don’t know. It is not a problem, just apply for it and if it will be approved you will get the most appropriate card. I would advise you to get a Sears Mastercard.

The next step is to apply it at the Sears Stores. The Clerk will get an application right from you and may you get a reply quickly. If you are approved that is great, so now you can use your Credit Card, but if not there will be an instant answer with an explaining letter why your application was rejected. Sometimes the system for Credit decision is down, maybe you do not get a decision quickly.

If you do not like standing in front of Clerks and wait for them you can do it at home. Just fill out a Sears Credit Card Application and send it to Sears. This is also a good option but it takes longer than going to Sears Stores on your foot.

The best choice is to apply online on a Citibank site. With this method, you apply in a bank (Citibank) and not in Sears. Be careful. You should choose the correct Credit Card. This time your application will be approved by Citibank and not by Sears. The Citibank website is a secure and safe one.

shop your way sears credit card

Requirements for Application

  • Name and Surname of Applicant
  • Age and Sex
  • Social Security Number
  • Residential Status
  • Present Residential Address
  • Permanent Residential Address
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail

Also, you will need to put this information:

  • Kind of Job
  • Yearly Income
  • Gross Household Income
  • Name of the Employer
  • Contact Number of the Employer
  • Office Address

When your application is approved by Citibank, they will inform Sears Holdings Corporation. Sears will save it and have it in an updated form. Sears will register it and you will be able to use Sears Credit Card Online. You also will need to type your personal Security Number in the application form.

The address where you live is necessary, provide Sears Credit Card Application with your residential address and status. It means the customer who fills the Sears Credit Card Application should provide Bank with the information about the home where she/he lives if it is her/his, parents or lives in rented houses. In the end you will need to type your e-mail address.

Bank may ask you to type your yearly gross income. To finish the application with the information on your income you should put the contact number of your employer.

When your application will be approved and register you will need Sears Credit Card Login pages to access your account.

What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card?

Before getting to the question, you should know how much in demand and useful credit cards are today. They are a fast and convenient means to make transactions, purchases, and pay bills and fees.

People who use credit cards have been able to make acquisitions, purchases online, and offline. Due to the increasing popularity of using credit, financial services corporations turn to Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) to devise standards needed for consumers to acquire credit cards.

Since the United States has been recovering from the credit crunch from 2007 to 2010, it’s important for credit users and applicants to know or review the requirements of credit card applications, which vary on a specific company like Citigroup, which provides credit card services not only to Citibank but also to Sears credit cards. So then the question is, What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card?

Sears Does not Reveal an Official Minimum FICO Score

Unlike most credit cards, Sears does not reveal an official minimum credit or FICO score required to an applicant to acquire the credit card. Credit applications in the U.S. are being evaluated based on the standards of the applicant including credit history and income.

Despite that having at least a credit score of 680 is necessary for most credit cards, there are no proofs on the ruling that can be applied to Sears credit cards. However, because the 680 and above credit score has been used in most credit card services all over the U.S. and most countries for years, you shall just follow the FICO standard to avoid any confusion to know what FICO score is needed for Sears credit card.

The reason is that people with credit scores of 680 and above have higher chances of availing credit services while those who are below 600 will have little chances to or be deprived of any credit card services at high interest rates.

In case you still don’t pass the credit application for the Sears credit card, you can wait at a minimum of 6 months and verify that your credit score and report suit the credit card standards prior to reapplying.

What to Do When You Get Your Card?

Once you finally get your Sears credit account, it’s vital that you educate yourself about the credit services of the card you applied on. Sears credit cards vary in four types, wherein Sears Card and Sears MasterCard are meant for consumer function, Sears Commercial One for commercial and business use, and Sears Home Improvement for compensating on primary residential improvement or repair projects.

Sears Card can be used for consumer and store services including Sears Hardware, Sears Essentials, Sears, Auto Centers, and Sears Grand. Sears MasterCard is an expanded and international version of the Sears Card, wherein you can use the card in millions of Citibank branches worldwide for cash advances if you have a cash advance feature in your account.

Sears Commercial One is specifically made for entrepreneurs and business owners, wherein you can simplify your transactions and bookkeeping, and devise acquisitions through phone, fax, and in a Citibank branch by using one account.

Sears Home Improvement is meant for various home enhancement services like entry doors, replacement windows, and kitchen renovation, wherein you can utilize the service every day and pay your fees on a monthly basis.

By knowing the standards and services of Sears credit cards, you can be ensured that your life and future will be covered conveniently with credibility. So make sure that you have What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card to ensure that you get your card soon.

Sears Credit Card Login Options
For people who frequently shop at Sears, getting a Sears credit card might be a good option. This not only provides them with good discount opportunities, but cardholders are also charged with zero annual fees compared to other credit cards.

Like most merchandising companies, Sears now has an online service that makes it more accessible to its users. There are currently various Sears credit card login options that people can go to in order to gain access in various Sears services.

Sears Credit Card Login for Citicard Holders

For those who hold a Sears credit card issued by Citi Cards, they can log in the Citi Cards site or simply click on the link. Most Sears credit cards are issued by Citi Cards so this is the most often used log in site for cardholders.

Login: https://online.citi.com/US/login.do

Sears Official Website

Logging on to the main website (www.sears.com) and scrolling down to the “Access Your Account” area would also be a good place to start for a Sears Credit Card login option. This method requires users to enter the six digits located on the card itself.

Sears Credit Card Application

Sears regular annual percentage rate is about 22.15 percent variable and is issued by Citi Cards. One great thing about being a cardholder of this line is that Sears allows for online payment as well as an online application. However, it might be better to apply for the credit card through land-based stores. By doing this, users can avail of the 0% introductory offer as well as an automatic discount for the present purchases.

Sears Credit Card Perks

The main perk of being a Sears Credit cardholder is the fact that the store provides up to 20% discount in some purchases during specific times in the year. Hence, for those who currently shop at Sears, this could be an excellent card to carry around.

Additionally, Sears cardholders are also given the privilege to return bought items without the receipt provided that they used their credit card to make the purchase. This is an excellent feature especially for people who frequently misplace their receipts and would need to make an exchange or return wrongly bought items.

Sears Credit Card Statement

The Sears credit card statement is pretty much the same as other billing statements. The contract provides the Sears credit card holder with the option to pay their bills online. In fact, a statement for this credit card may even be checked through the internet. There’s no need to wait for a credit card statement through the mail as the online version is always up to date and already comes with the necessary links for payment.

Of course, Sears credit cardholders can also use the phone and their local store to check their account. The advantage of checking the statement online is that account holders can manipulate how their data is presented. For example, it could present recent transactions either by date or by amount. This would allow cardholders to track their expenses, see which purchase cost them the most, and when was the last time they made a purchase.

An old credit card statement may also be obtained by contacting their online help whereupon a PDF file would be sent back containing charges stretching to how long the account holder wanted. This type of credit card statement would allow them to track back on expenses, check their finances or any other purposes that would serve them best.

Checking interest rates and finances online is also possible with the Sears credit card statement online, allowing account holders to not only figure out their past expenses but plan out future disbursements.

What’s great about accessing credit card statements for Sears credit card online is that the company doesn’t charge a single cent for the transaction. Account-holders would be free to check their credit card statement, set it up so that charges deduct automatically or have them printed out as hard copies.

Needless to say, a Sears credit card statement online would allow individuals to manage their accounts more efficiently.

How To Make Sears Credit Card Payment

Sears provides its consumers with the benefit of online payment for the purchase of appliance parts and equipment. Their department store is funded by Citibank that provides numerous credit cards.

The options to indulge in the online payment system include Sears MasterCard that can be applied to use and purchase at any store. The entire purchase amounts to the charge of the buy plus applicable interest in addition.

While deciding to go for a Sears Credit Card Payment, ensure that your card is registered for an account with Citibank over the web. The process of registration is easy and takes very little time.

Simply enter your account number. You will be then requested for your Social Security number. In addition to this, you will be asked to mention your date of birth, pin code of the billing address.

You can even include your email address to receive alerts about your account and other related information. This provision is optional and requests to receive such data may just be at your discretion.

After You Got Registration Process

Now after you’ve got in through the initial registration process you can now proceed to the online payment accounts section. The process consists of answering two security questions after you log into your account. This ensures that you obtain the exclusive right to access your account.

Once you enter certain other details and submit the data your request for registration is finally complete. To enable payment options through the Sears Credit Card Payment facility simply visit their website and enter by providing your user name and password.

Now click on the button at the navigation bar which enables you to make a payment. Check the account status and the minimum payable amount. Submit the correct amount you wish to enter.

Next, you will have to select the payment source which you can choose from the options enlisted in the payment options. Choose the payment date against which you desire to create the payment.

Submit by clicking the enter button after finally checking that the data that is inputted into the payment process is correct.

Sears Credit Card Payment ensures that you can make transactions and indulge in a smooth and superior buying process without any hassles. Simply choose the equipment or the appliance parts that you wish to buy.

Use the Sears Credit Card Payment to utilize the facility to purchase Sears appliance parts online. The card can be used at millions of locations worldwide. You can even transfer balances under the Manage my account menu to request a transfer.

With the facility, you can transfer almost all kinds of amounts like personal, student and automobile loans. More help and guidance can be sought at the official website or even at Citibank’s Sears Credit Card Payment services.

Sears Credit Card Bonus System

Being the easiest credit card to use, the Sears Credit Card is one of the leading credit cards in all of the United States and Canada. Not only do they offer easier shopping in Sears, Kmart stores for clothing, tools, and appliances but they also provide more convenient ways of online shopping and monthly payments, rewards and bonuses for the cardholders.

After applying for a Gold Mastercard in Sears, the customer can then enroll for a Sears Credit Card Bonus System in the Shop Your Way Rewards programs for more shopping rewards!

Sears Bonus System

The customer can choose the Sears Choice Rewards program, which is totally free. This is where the customer can gain a point for every dollar that he spends. Want to get more points? To maximize the Sears Credit Card Bonus System, the customer may opt to sign up in the Rewards Program with Select Membership, which only costs $25 annually.

In Select Membership, every dollar spent on Sears stores, Sears online, and Kmart stores will have an equivalent of two points and an awesome ten points for qualifying purchases. Purchases in grocery stores, drug stores, and oil refilling stations will also be credited two points for every $1.

All the points earned by the customer on both programs can be redeemed in restaurants, merchandise, gift certificates from participating stores and can even be used on vacations!

The Select Membership cardholder will have additional exclusive bonus points in their pockets. This is a more convenient way of having the things a shopper wants by just buying the things he needs!

How You Earn Bonus Points?

Not only will the shopper have a blast spending points in shopping, but he will also be entitled to Bonus Offers to members for even more points! For example, if a qualifying item has a 3X Bonus Offer, then the ten points will triple and become 30 points for every dollar!

What a great way to save on shopping! Keep in mind that to redeem points, a prior application to the chosen rewards program is needed after getting the Sears Mastercard. The points accumulated are only valid within three years of the member’s enrolment.

If the management decides to end the program, customers will have ninety days to redeem all the points earned. But if the customer decides to terminate his membership from the program, accumulated points will be forfeited. Take pleasure in your shopping experience through the Sears Card Bonus System!

How to Cancel or Treat a Stolen Sears Credit Card?

Cancellation may not be as easy as cutting it with the use of scissors. A credit card may be canceled by its titleholder to curb his own extravagant lifestyle and excessive spending; and/or to protect one’s self against identity theft and abusive authorized users like spoiled children, a wife who is a compulsive shopper, or even vengeful exes.

It also makes sense to cancel an existing credit card when it is unnecessarily costing money while being left unused or if a better credit card deal is made available.

However, credit card cancellation has a possible effect on your credit standing. It is then important to settle all the remaining balance prior to cancellation and the remainder should be zero.

Contact Sears Credit Card customer service at 1-800-267-1660 toll-free and express your intention to cancel your Sears Credit Card. Pay the remaining balance in full before canceling the credit card.

For added guarantee, write a short cancellation letter to the card issuer, this will serve as documented and recorded evidence of the cancellation.

Furthermore, one can include the details of the cancellation upon the request of the cardholder and not by the card issuer for purposes of credit evaluation. If necessary, do routine checks and follow up on the status of the credit card cancellation request. This may take a month to process; patience and diligence will come in handy.

In case of theft or loss call the Sears Online Customer service: 1 (800) 697-3277

State the date of theft or loss, credit card details, and other pertinent data regarding the lost or stolen Sears Credit Card. Sears does not currently provide an online method for reporting a lost or stolen Sears Card. It is best to inform the card issuer immediately to prevent possible fraud.

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