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Top 5 Billionaires Who Are Living A Frugal Life

We all have dreams from childhood to adulthood where some people dream of becoming an astronaut, while some people dream of becoming the world’s top director, etc.

Among these dreams, I believe there is one dream that everyone would wish to come true, that is to become a billionaire.

Billionaires often mean possessing limited edition luxury cars, villas with Private Pool, and enjoying endless delicious food.

Of course, if you like private jets, antique collections, or even owning a beautiful island, as long as you have billions of dollars of money, all these are not difficult to get.

However, the rarest lifestyle for a filthy rich billionaire to have is to live a life that is below his mean.

For this kind of billionaire, even he has a lot of money, his life is still low-key.

Maybe you are wondering whether this kind of billionaire exists in this world, well, I will tell you yes, they exist.

Today let us take a look at the 5 Most Understated Billionaires in this world, and see what they are in everyday lifelike.

Sergey Brin from Google

Sergey Brin

Every year, there are always some new faces that attract the attention of all people on the world’s richest list.

Sergey Brin is one of the new faces on the list who is young and promising. As the founder of Google, Brin was only 30 years old when he first ranked on the US richest list with a wealth of $4 billion

The Moscow-born immigrant at the time became the youngest richest person in America’s 400 richest lists. He and another Google founder, Larry Page, tied for 43rd in the list.

Brin, who has an immigrant background, it is not only the identity of the Russian descendants that attracts people’s attention, what many people don’t know is that Brin is also from a Russian Jewish family.

Jews have a spirit that people all over the world agree with, which is living frugally.

Brin ever said in a 2007 interview that he learned to be frugal from his parents. They teach him living an ordinary life can also make people happy.

what is interesting is, he still won’t have leftovers when he eats, he pays attention to the price when shopping. Even though he ever tried to force himself not to be so frugal, he just fail to do so.

He found out that even not become materialistic, he is still very happy. What Brin said in the interview is the exact lifestyle that he practices in his daily life.

Although he has a net worth of 40 billion US dollars, he still buys discount cards every year to buy clothes. He does not just focus on the price when shopping, he also often compares different stores for the same item. Then buy from the cheaper ones.

Many people would think that time is the most precious one, they should take the least amount of time to spend on a trivial matter, which is the best way to save money. But Brin seems to have his interpretation of this.

Tim Cook – Apple CEO

Tim Cook

Back in 2012, Cook has become the Highest-paid CEO in the United States. According to Apple’s announcement, Cook’s remuneration is $377 million, including one-time stock option awards over ten years, plus the rise of Cook’s years of holding Apple’s stock. His net worth is estimated to be between $600 million to $700 million.

As Apple continues to move forward, Cook’s net worth will also continue to rise with it. As a CEO of a legendary company, Cook still only wears simple clothes. He likes riding the bike.

This may be related to Cook’s early life experience. Cook was born in Alabama, he grew up in a small town named Robertsdale. His father was a houseboat worker, and his mother is a housewife.

Tim Cook is very similar to Steve Jobs. They are both typical workaholics. Some Apple employees even said the seemingly genial Cook can be even more daunting than Jobs when come to work.

Outside of work, cycling and outdoor sports are Cook’s main hobbies. At the same time, he is also a fitness enthusiast.

He likes going to the gym. Because of this, many think that it is explainable why Cook likes to wear a simple and casual outfit.

Compared to most houses in Silicon Valley, Cook’s house in the Palo Alto area perhaps should be called a little cottage. He rarely talks about his private life. Some people even said that there is no air conditioning in his house.

His colleagues said it reminds him to lay low all the time as what he possesses today is not easy to get.

Cook also publicly stated that money is not the driving force behind his hard work. So starting in 2015, Cook is already planning to donate his entire fortune.

For this, he needs to take the time to formulate a set of Systematic Charitable Giving programs. So that his wealth can be truly used by people.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

If some of you don’t know who Sergey Brin is, it may be still forgivable. But for the name of Mark Zuckerberg, you shouldn’t say you never heard of him.

Born in 1984, Mark Zuckerberg is known as Bill Gates’s number two. Zuckerberg’s wealth stands at $62.3 billion. He ranked number 8th on the Billionaires List by Forbes Global 2019. In October 2019, Zuckerberg ranked number 4 in Forbes 400 Richest Americans.

However, Zuckerberg still looks like a poor student to this day. Zuckerberg is often caught by people for wearing only plain cotton short-sleeves and hoodies while going out. While his feet are put on a pair of Adidas slippers. Although Adidas slippers are not cheap but compared to the wealth that he got, wearing a pair of slippers is still simple and understatedness. Not to mention these basic short sleeves and hoodies.

It’s not what Zuckerberg wears on a whim. Because in his closet, there are always two dozen identical t-shirts in there.

While talking about eating, Zuckerberg is like most of the post-80s, he is in love with McDonald’s. Even when Zuckerberg was on his honeymoon, he still ate at McDonald’s with his new wife.

When it comes to weddings, the billionaire is even more low-key. The wedding ceremony was held in the backyard. It is reported that only 100 guests were invited. After the ceremony, everyone happily ate sushi together. Compared to those influencers who always post their lavish lifestyle on Instagram, Zuckerberg can say is extraordinarily low-key.

Warren Buffett from Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett

Photo credit: world today news

The fourth person on today’s list for sure is well-known to many. He is the only one in the world that accumulates his wealth simply through investing and becomes the richest guy on the list. The name is Warren Buffett, he ranked number 4 in 2020 with a fortune of $67.5 billion.

This stock legend has a countless net worth in his life. He is 91 years old now but he still lives in the house he bought in 1957. There is a small two-story house in Omaha.

Like Zuckerberg, Buffett is also a loyal McDonald’s fan. On the way to work every day, he will drive past McDonald’s to buy his breakfast.

Buffett has accumulated wealth throughout his life, but still living a very frugal life.

He only lives with the everyday necessities. He has long avoided buying any luxury items

Even so, He still owns a few private jets. But he buys a private jet is because he wants to save time for travel. This is important for him and is completely understandable.

Ingvar Kamprad from IKEA

Ingvar Kamprad

Photo credit: Independent

The fifth rich person we want to talk about today was Ingvar Kamprad, who passed away a few years ago. This billionaire who was born in southern Sweden, you may not know who he is if you just hear the name.

But if I mentioned the name of his company, for sure you will know. He is a Swedish industrialist, who is the founder of IKEA. Kamprad founded the company in 1943. It slowly become the global furniture industry.

As early as 2004, Kamprad’s net worth had already reached $18.5 billion, and he has ranked number 13th on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

No matter what you see him in which aspect, you will find that he was the most low-key person among billionaires.

In an earlier interview, he talked about his car. He said his car was over 15 years old. And while he was still alive, he stay in a 3-star hotel every time he travel. He even chooses to use public transportation when traveling.

Kamprad, whose father was a farmer, loves to eat in small restaurants, sometimes he just orders a burger as his meal.

As the founder of IKEA, after owning billions of dollars, he did not choose any designer furniture. All the furniture that he uses in his house is from IKEA. Except for a chair and an alarm clock.

And even his chair isn’t any special antique, but an old chair that has been in use for over 30 years.

Kamprad once said new is not always good.

So, after knowing the lives of these five low-key billionaires, what do you have in your mind? Do you think they are living too mean to themselves?

Well, no matter how much wealth you own, choosing to live the life that suits you is the best. Of course, this does not mean that we are satisfied with the status quo.

Striving for a better life is worth it anytime.

Do you know any of your friends who are wealthy but also living frugally at the same time?

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