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What is Your Credit Rating Scores?

If you don’t know what is credit score all about, you may read through this credit scores explained. Credit rating scores are numbers that mortgage companies use to assess the FICO risk score of any applicant.

credit rating
credit rating

FICO actually stands for Fair, Isaac, and Company, which is the one that develops the mathematical formulas and scoring method used to calculate these scores. It is now assigned for credit reference agencies or credit bureaus. The higher the FICO score a consumer has, the lower the risk he has.

If you want to know more about FICO, you can refer to wikipedia.

Therefore, many people are wondering about what is the credit score for mortgage approval in 2011 or the minimum FICO score for mortgage 2011. If you want to know the mortgage qualifications 2011, then it is important for you to understand your credit report.

Your credit report and personal credit rating score are the things that credit rating agencies use to determine whether they want to approve the loan and also whether you may qualify for the best interest rate.

Whether you qualify for the loan is actually depends on the scoring. If you have a good credit score, they will most likely to grant you the loan with a good interest rate.

Credit Rating Scores

What is a good credit score? When come to calculating a credit score, most mortgage lenders using the credit score scale ranges from 350 to 850. For those who have a score of above 700 is considered a good credit score while those with above 800 can say is almost perfect credit score.

If you are wondering what credit score do I need to get a mortgage? You may refer to below credit score scale for your reference.

Credit Score Scale(Credit Score Chart) – From Poor to Excellent

Less than 600:

This is bad, and you are going to get a very tough time for applying on a loan.


You’ll be able to get a loan approved, but you will expect to pay for very high rates of interest.


This is a decent score. You’ll be able to get decent interest rates on loans, but still not totally desirable.


This is good. You will always qualify for getting a loan easily, creditors may grant you a loan with low interest rates.

720 and up:

This is excellent and can say is almost perfect credit score goal! You should take advantage of getting the best favorable interest rates and be able to do anything you want with your credit score.

Credit Score Chart

credit rating scores

When a loan company loans for bad credit borrowers, they may face a high risk of such loan will become bad debt. For that, they would like to get fair credit reporting and determine whether they should offer the borrowers decent interest rates or not.

So what’s your number? Did you pay the rent on time? If you are low on this list, don’t despair, you can improve by repairing your credit score!

3 Credit Reporting Agencies Credit Rating Scores

There are thousands of different credit scoring system available nowadays. You can use their system as long as you are agreeing to be bound by their site terms and conditions.

There is a measurement of risk scoring system based on the statistical analysis of a person’s credit background that usually comes from credit bureaus for individuals.

These 3 national credit reporting agencies are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. A few of credit scoring techniques on the national credit reporting exists such as reduced form credit models, hazard rate modeling, linear regression or logistic regression and weight of evidence models.

You may ask for a free copy of your annual credit report and scores or getting your credit score report for a small fee.

A credit score for a citizen in the United States is primarily based on the credit rating system and credit report information, typically sourced from credit bureaus.

In the United States, a score of 723 is the typical Americans median FICO score. The actual functionality concept of the FICO risk score would be to anticipate the chance that a consumer will go 90 days past due or worse in the subsequent 24 months after the score is calculated.

The higher the consumer’s score, the less likely they will go 90 days past due in the subsequent 24 months after the score has been calculated.

As in the United States, there are various ways to improve a credit rating and make yourself a more appealing borrower to lenders.

The credit score is primarily checked by all creditors. Most will adjust the interest rate based on credit score of the applicants. Debtors with good credit rating scores indicate they are very unlikely to delay the payment.

A large number of those applicants with bad credit scores may be turned down by financial consumer agency. Thus, the myths about getting your credit score and short term rating are actually based on data provided from credit reporting agencies.

Different Inquiries on Credit Score

You will find various kinds of inquiries that may or may not have an impact on an individual credit score. Inquiries which have no impact on the creditworthiness of a consumer, that stay with their credit reports for six months and are generally in no way visible to lenders or credit scoring models.

Nevertheless, a creditor may check on customers’ credit files and credit scorecards periodically which is also known as Account Review or soft inquiries to identify customer’s credit score. The other is credit inquiries and screening inquiries that may request by lenders to determine your credit reputation and credit circumstances.

You should keep in mind that the objective of most credit scoring models is to anticipate whether or not you’ll go 90 days past due or worse on any obligation. The credit scoring models aren’t meant to anticipate whether you’ll default for any particular amount of money.

As a result, getting a 90 day past due of only $50 is just as bad as getting a 90 day past due of $50,000. It’s the same for low dollar collections, liens, and judgments. The amount of money does not really matter. The truth which you paid late is what’s most critical when coming to the credit scoring model.

To repair your credit score, you need to figure out what your revolving credit card debt is by dividing your aggregate credit card balances by your aggregate credit limits.

For instant, if you have $10,000 in balances and $20,000 in credit limits, then you are .50 or 50% put into use. In case you were 80% utilized, then this can be way too high which is killing your credit score.

What you need to do is you need to get that number to fall below 10% if you wish to max out your credit score. You need to discuss with your credit card companies for settling the debt. You should secure credit card usage by reducing the expenses as well.

Information On Your Credit Rating Scores

If you want to know your credit rating scores, you can get an application for credit information about your financial activities such as your monthly payment, late payments, past payment history, non-payment record, installment debt, debt-to-income ratio, and others with more than one credit history.

Any negative information in your credit report may hurt you when applying for a mortgage. You can monitor your credit score rating since many credit monitoring services have a free credit monitoring trial period. You can search online for the services that suit your need.

FICO credit score

For consumers with poor credit score, they may need to check out the guide online to improve and gets a boost to their credit score. In case you have a low credit score, you should try to find a free guide to improve your credit rating.

Your credit score depends on a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration. You may also consider joining a credit risk survey to get more information on the method for increasing a bad FICO score with credit repair methods for consumers.

Lastly, it actually depends on what type of debt you have and your willingness to repay a debt in a period of time. For home equity with adverse credit and other credit debts, increasing the credit rating scores so that you can settle your debt fast is the priority thing that you should do.

So, when you are asking yourself again what credit score do I need to get a mortgage? You should get an answer for yourself now with this detailed credit scores explained.

How To Get a Better Credit Score

Credit scores have become increasingly important in recent years and having a good one can make the difference between an easy way to a loan and low interest rates or a high interest rate and a lot of issues getting a loan.

credit score range
credit score range

If you have a good credit score, you will wish to continue on that route and if you have a bad credit rating here are some tips on how you can improve it.

Pay your Bills

Paying your bills and loans back on time is one of the simplest and most obvious ways to improve your score. No institution that gives away credit will want to have to struggle to get what is owed back, so paying on time is a good way to improve your credit rating.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up a direct debit and to ensure it goes out on time. This prevents you from missing a payment through forgetting or otherwise and prevents your credit score being affected.

Avoid Limits

Reaching credit limits on credit cards or scorecards reflects badly on you and your credit rating. Try and avoid maxing out credit cards and store cards. Preferably only use around 30 percent of the amount of credit on your store or credit card. If you use a higher percentage regularly it will be seen as a risk and your credit will be limited.

Know your Rating

Make sure you know your credit rating when applying for one of these cards is also vitally important. This is easily done with a credit check from one of the credit score companies available. If you apply for two forms of credit in a month you will often get a mark against your credit score. If you have a good credit score then you can pick what you wish to apply to with greater knowledge.

If you do apply twice in a month it creates a look of desperation for credit on your card and these rejections are seen as a negative by credit companies.

Watch out for Stray Debits

If you change your account from one bank to another make sure your direct debits have been transferred as if you don’t you may miss some payments and this will cost your credit rating.

The best thing to do is to leave a little money in a previous account before shutting it down to ensure all direct debits are transferred and if not they are paid for until they are transferred.  Make sure to close all accounts when you no longer use them as credit companies see them as odd and this may affect your score.

Electoral Register

Another great, but simple way to show you’re a secure prospect for credit is to register on the electoral register. This makes you look like you are someone who isn’t moving away from a problem and has no credit issues. Also, make sure to resolve all County Court Judgements as these also affect credit ratings.

All of these are great ways to ensure that you have a good credit rating and have little to worry about when applying for credit.

Improve Your Credit Score in Four Steps

Most of us not aware of the importance of a good credit score. This can result in a number of financial problems in case of emergencies. For instance, suppose you require a loan urgently and you apply for the loan in a bank.

The acceptance of your application depends to a major extent on your credit score. If you have a bad credit score, it is almost certain that your application will be rejected.

In case, it is approved, you will be charged higher interest rates than others. Thus, it is extremely important to keep your credit score in check. Here are some of the effective methods to improve your credit score:

Get a free credit report

In order to solve a financial problem, you should first understand the intensity of the problem. Thus, in order to improve your credit score, you should, first of all, get a free credit report.

You can get such a report from any of the leading credit card reporting agency. Thereafter, analyze the report and if there is any dispute related to the credit score, get it rectified by the concerned agency without any delay.

It is estimated that about 60-7- % credit reports contain errors. As such, you should keep checking the report at regular intervals and if any mistake is present, get it corrected.

Change your lifestyle

One of the major reasons behind a low credit card score is the lifestyle of a person. You should immediately change your spending habits and avoid buying useless things. If you are able to change your lifestyle, your credit card score can certainly come to normal.

Let us understand this thing with a simple example. Majority of the working women have the habit of buying clothes or shoes from sales. Once they see a “one free with another offer”, they take their credit cards out for payment. Later those things purchased in the sale just sit in the wardrobe as they were not required.

Set up payment reminders

Payment reminders can help to bring more discipline in your financial life. Almost all the banks and financial companies have this facility which allows you to set up payment reminders through SMS, mail or phone.

These reminders will also avoid a situation where you forget to pay the due amount before the last date. It is useful for people who purchase a lot with credit cards and have a busy work schedule.

The timely payments have a good influence on the credit score of a person thus paying on or before time can help a lot for achieving a better credit score.

Be careful with the credit cards

Finally, you should avoid applying for a number of credit cards. This can give a bad impression to the banks or financial agencies. Similarly, you should not close a credit card too. This is because of the fact that closing a credit card causes an increase in the percentage of total credit.

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